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Daily Vintage - Mechanical Valentine, Showgirl on Elephant

This is a spectacular, big vintage mechanical Valentine.  It features a showgirl riding on an elephant.  She moves backwards and forwards.  "I wish I could wow you, my Valentine."  Found at Birdhouse Books: showgirl Valentine.

Book Spotlight and Giveaway - Between the Lines by Claudia Whitsitt

Mother Daughter Book Reviews is pleased to be coordinating a Blog Tour for the middle grade book, "Between the Lines" by Claudia Whitsitt from May 18 to 31, 2015.

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About the Book

Between the Lines by Claudia Whitsitt 
Title: Between the Lines | Author: Claudia Whitsitt | Publication Date: March, 2015 | Publisher: Independent | Pages: 318 | Recommended Ages: 9+  

Summary: Between the Lines tells the story of three girls who become friends during the racially-charged aftermath of the 1967 Detroit Riots. Hattie Percha is crushed when the riots start on her tenth birthday, and when she must move away from her treasured childhood home and friends, attending public school for the first time, she’s afraid her life is over. Then, she meets Beverly Jo Nichols, her first black friend, and Crackers, a fearless tomboy. Despite opposition from Hattie’s mother and a racist teacher, the unlikely friends join forces. As the self-proclaimed Dream Girls, they challenge bigotry and intolerance, willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto what’s most precious to them all, their friendship.  

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Excerpt From Chapter 20 ~ Between the Lines by Claudia Whitsitt
I’m lying on Grandma’s flowered carpet after breakfast on Saturday morning. She’s gone downstairs to have coffee with her landlady and pay the rent. I didn’t plan to write, but a tale comes fizzing out of me as I stare at the claw foot on her rose-colored sofa. I decide I’ll name my story “Grandmother’s Hope.”
 Hope loved closets, and Grandmother’s closet won the prize for the best hideaway in the entire world. Running the length of an entire wall with two entrances—one from the living room, the other from the bedroom, she deemed the space a secret refuge. When she played in Grandmother’s closet, she pretended to be a grown-up, living on her own, in her own hidden tunnel. Huddled between the heavy coats, blankets, and crisply creased linens, she felt safe. Best of all, the entire wardrobe smelled of cedar. A hideaway, an escape, a haven. 
 Hope felt safest at Grandmother’s house. First of all, Grandmother paid close attention. In the morning after waking from a sleepover where Hope was the only visitor, she would lie in Grandmother’s bed and listen. Bacon crackled on the stove, and the aroma filled the air above the sizzling meat. Grandmother’s feet padded back and forth in the kitchen, clanking pots and pans. The percolator bubbled gently as the coffee brewed inside. Hope anticipated the perfect breakfast: sunny side up eggs, crunchy toast, crisp bacon, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and coffee. She wouldn’t drink the coffee, but the smell was comforting. It meant Grandmother was close by.
The Buzz

"Between the Lines is a powerful piece of historical fiction that must be added to the reading list of every middle grade student."~ 5 Stars, Lori L., Goodreads
"Teachers and parents need to purchase this novel... Parents could use this novel to engage their kids in discussions to help develop a sense of social responsibility, friendship, and morality... Ultimately, this story is inspirational." ~ 5 Stars, Amazon Customer
"This book is a must read for everyone, no matter what age ... I would recommend it highly to be in the curriculum of every 5th and 6th grade classroom. " ~ 5 Stars, Sandra W., Amazon
"My daughter and I read this book together and loved it. It is a story that will stay with both of us for many years to come!" ~ 5 Stars, aleblanc, Amazon
"Between the Lines tells a really heartbreaking but uplifting story, about race and loyalty and friends, in a way that any kid will relate to. A perfect gift book for that hard-to-please youngster!" ~ 5 Stars, Jimmy, Amazon

About the Author: Claudia Whitsitt

Claudia Whitsitt, Author   Claudia Whitsitt spent a lifetime teaching special education and writing before becoming a full-time author. She believes in the power of friendship, small acts of kindness, and paying it forward. Nothing makes her happier than spending time with her children, which includes not only the five she raised but the countless students who touched her life over the years.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Banana Seat Bicycles

Because it feels like summer now, I wanted to send a summer image.  Here's a banana seat bicycle. This one even has fun flowers!  This just looks like childhood summers to me - long days of riding my bike and enjoying time with friends. 

Did you love bike riding as a kid?  Do you remember banana seat bicycles?  Talk to me in the comments, below.

Daily Vintage - Unused Model T Valentine Card

This Mid-Century vintage Valentine is "For a Special Son," and it features a Model-T automobile.  It is unused and ready to send for a fun vintage surprise!  You'll find it at Birdhouse Books.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daily Vintage - Whitney Made Valentine, Little Girl With Wreath of Daisies

Today's Daily Vintage is a lovely Whitney Made Valentine.  It features a little girl in a gingham dress.  She has a wreath of flowers around her neck and another on her head.  This would be so pretty in a little frame!  You'll find this sweet vintage Valentine at Birdhouse Books.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Daily Vintage - Mechanical Valentine by Charles Twelvetrees

This charming mechanical vintage Valentine has an illustration by Charles Twelvtrees.  It shows a little boy with a bouquet of flowers:  "Among the posies you will find - a special thing I have in mind."  This exceptional card is at Birdhouse Books.  I always love Twelvetrees illustrations!

Guest Post, Book Spotlight, and Giveaway - Hope in Every Raindrop

On Tour with Prism Book Tours.

Hope In Every RaindropHope In Every Raindrop
by Wesley Banks
NA Contemporary
ebook, 202 pages
May 26th 2015

“Small towns have big stories.” That was a lesson Katie’s father taught her years ago. A lesson she’s taken to heart. And right now, Katie is desperate for a big story. Reeling from the recent loss of her father and with her agent breathing down her neck for the next book, the twenty-one-year-old writer picks a spot on the map and finds herself bound for a middle-of-nowhere town called Bishopville, South Carolina.

Taking a chance on the words of a local grocer, Katie stumbles upon a rare breed of dogs raised by the town doctor and his nephew Kyle. The only problem? Kyle isn’t interested in telling stories—especially not to a big-city girl who can’t seem to sit still. In an attempt to win him over as the clock winds down, Katie finds herself immersed in Kyle’s world, doing everything but writing.

When inspiration finally strikes, Katie is faced with an unforeseen catastrophe and a truth she can no longer ignore. While she has come to love the dogs, the real story may be about Kyle Walker. 

Guest Post by Wesley Banks

Recently I posted my current to-be-read (TBR) list on Instagram. There were 15 books on that list, and since then I've read 3. Of course, none of those 3 were on my TBR list, but that's a different story. 

Today I wanted to talk about the 5 books I'm most excited about on this list. 

Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa
I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture, and especially samurai. This book recounts the life of Japan's greatest swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. It's been on my TBR list for a while, but it's at the very top.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
I actually read this series when it first came out, but recently lost the books and ended up buying the entire series...again. Most people probably know Brandon Sanderson for finishing Robert Jordan's famous series Wheel of Time, but I'm super excited to read this series again.

Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis
The first book I read by Michael Lewis was The Big Short which was an amazing insight to the housing market crash in 2007-2008. I don't expect Liar's Poker to be as great as The Big Short, only because it's based on the 1987 stock market crash (something I don't know that much about), but I still think it's going to be a good read.

Riddle-Master by Patricia McKillip
This is actually a trilogy, but I'm only counting it as one book. I probably would have read this book based on the title alone, but everyone I have talked to has raved about it.

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
I'm shocked I haven't read this book. I've had it for quite a while, but at the time I was reading Marley and Me, then Merle's Door, and The Philosopher and the Wolf (which is probably on my top 3 all-time list!). This eventually got lost in my small library. But after the move I recently found it and it's back on my TBR.

If you didn't notice, I read pretty much everything. Though, typically I try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction, unless I'm in the middle of an awesome series.

What about you, what's on your TBR list?

wesley-bio-300x460Wesley Banks was born in 1983 and grew up on the west coast of Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. After spending over 7 years building movable bridges from Florida to Washington he decided to focus on his true passion: writing.

Wesley recently moved from Florida to Oregon to get back to the great outdoors that he’s love so much. He lives with my wife Lindsey, and his two dogs Linkin and Story. Most of his time these days is spent writing, with as much rock climbing, hiking, or skiing as they can fit in.

Wesley’s debut novel, “Hope In Every Raindrop,” is set to be released May of 2015.

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Book Spotlight - Off Balance, Book 1 of Ballet Theatre Chronicles By Terez Mertes Rose

Off Balance, Book 1 of Ballet Theatre Chronicles
By Terez Mertes Rose
Genre: Women’s fiction (with YA crossover), performing arts related

Book Description:

Alice thinks she’s accepted the loss of her ballet career, injury having forced her to trade in pointe shoes onstage for spreadsheets upstairs. That is, until the day Alice's boss asks her to befriend Lana, a pretty new company member he’s got his eye on. Lana represents all Alice has lost, not just as a ballet dancer, but as a motherless daughter. It’s pain she’s kept hidden, even from herself, as every good ballet dancer knows to do.

Lana, lonely and unmoored, desperately needs some help, and her mother, back home, vows eternal support. But when Lana begins to profit from Alice’s advice and help, her mother’s constant attention curdles into something more sinister.

Together, both women must embark on a journey of painful rediscoveries, not just about career opportunities won and lost, but the mothers they thought they knew.

OFF BALANCE takes the reader beyond the glitter of the stage to expose the sweat and struggle, amid the mandate to sustain the illusion at all cost.

Author Bio:

Terez Mertes Rose is a writer and former ballet dancer whose work has appeared in the Crab Orchard Review, Women Who Eat (Seal Press), A Woman’s Europe (Travelers’ Tales), the Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Jose Mercury News. She reviews dance performances for and blogs about ballet and classical music at The Classical Girl. She makes her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her husband, son and too many cats. She loves good food, good wine, and a good (but not too hard) adult ballet class. She also publishes under the name Terez Rose.

Author website:
Author blog site: 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Music Monday - "I Live For The Sun" by The Sunrays (1965)

If you've read this blog long, you know that I love The Beach Boys.  I really love beach music and summer music in general.  "I Live for the Sun" by The Sunrays was a 1965 hit -- and it sounds a lot like the Beach Boys.  Today is Memorial Day in the United States, and sort of the unofficial start to summer ... so I thought this would be a fun song to share with you.

Book Review and Giveaway - Letters to Loretta by Laura Lynn Ashworth

Letters to Loretta from the Radio Shack, A True WWII Teenage Love Story
by Laura Lynn Ashworth



FROM THE RADIO SHACK, A True WWII Teenage Love Story

Read the rare and recently discovered real time letters between Sal, age 19, and Loretta, age 15, during the final terrifying three years of World War II, 1943-1946.

Both from the Douglas Park neighborhood in Chicago, the two adolescents discuss with humor and candor, the Navy, war, politics, hit music, life back home and their relationship.

Sal nicknamed Slabby for his movie star good looks, deciphers code out of the Navy’s radio shack on a minesweeper in the Pacific.

Loretta monikered Duchess for her aloofness, lives with aunts and her widowed father, while holding day jobs and enjoying an active social life with friends.

Letters to Loretta from the Radio Shack lets you experience World War II, both in battle and on the home front, through the eyes of adolescents in a way that Hollywood has never portrayed.

My Review:

I have always been interested in World War II homefront fiction, and found this nonfiction book -- a collection of letters between two young adults -- fascinating.

Readers will experience the story through real letters, and it is like holding a piece of history.  As a young girl I had penpals and wrote letters to friends and relatives as well, and this book made me nostalgic for the old fashioned exchange of real mail.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in World War II history, anyone who likes epistolary books, and anyone who wants a moving and powerful read.  


January 5, 1943
US Naval Training Station
Farragut, Idaho
1330 So. Washington Ave.
Chicago, IL

Dear Loretta,

Gee, but aren't you thoughtful. By the way, every time I write a letter to you, you seem to be writing a letter back home. Isn't that a co-incidence or isn't it? I received two letters to date, so “keep em flying.”

It was just a month ago that I left and I'll be damned if I know whether it seems like a year or a week. As far as concerning you, it seems like a year. I presume you're still as sharp as a whip, you old prankster. Say, in your next letter send me a couple of pictures of yourself, one of them recently taken and you may charge it to Uncle Sam and his fleet.

So I see your stepping out now, you're really cooking with the right kind of material. Don't forget I've got a date with you when I get back home, which I hope won't be any longer than a year.

Had a lot of fun at the rifle range this week as no doubt Joe will tell you. I still get three square meals a day, and are they square. A slice of bread with plenty of nothing.

This weather we have up here now surely reminds me of Chicago. It’s dingier than a campaign speech and it just knocks the hell out of these Californians out here. They're just used to beautiful women and mild weather, while we in Chicago are used to gales and violent women.

Do you know what? In “Frisco” the taverns close at midnight. Now isn't that a whacky thing to do?

Haven't seen many movies lately except for a few Navy films showing recent battles to get us boiled. But if we don't get our liberty Wednesday, I'll boil over like a frozen motor. They're going to keep an eye on our company while we're on liberty (now what the hell do you call liberty like that?) and if we're good we'll get one every two weeks. Very, very thoughtful, don't you think? I'll leave you know how I make out, so until then.

Lots of love, Slab

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Laura Lynn Ashworth is an award-winning copywriter and political cartoonist.  While helping an elderly family member with veterans administration paperwork, she ran across “the letters” and instantly knew of their rarity, freshness and historical significance.  Although she received three publishing contracts within two months of sending the letters to major publishers, Ashworth decided to publish them herself on the advice of best-selling authors.  She currently lives and works in a northwest suburb of Chicago.

10% of author proceeds will be donated to the USO and VFW in loving memory of Sal and Loretta.

I received a copy of this book from Goddess Fish Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Ms. Ashworth will be awarding $50 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn host.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Daily Vintage - Big Eyed Girl Valentine

Today's Daily Vintage is an easel-back Valentine.  The illustration is a big eyed girl with a plant growing hearts.  "Please pick mine, my Valentine."  There is no artist signature, but I believe this is by Grace Drayton, who designed the Campbell Kids.   You'll find this card at Birdhouse Books.

Book Spotlight and Giveaway - To Wed An Heiress by Rosanne E. Lortz

02_To Wed an Heiress 
Publication Date: April 30, 2015 Madison Street Publishing Paperback; 300p
Genre: Historical/Romantic Suspense

Haro Emison, thrust into his new role as Earl of Anglesford, discovers that his late father has left the family teetering on the edge of financial ruin. Intent on rescuing the estate, Haro abandons his long-held interest in his cousin Eda and searches instead for a wealthy heiress. But when pride and jealousy cause his plan to spiral out of control, he begins to wonder if he has made a dreadful mistake…. 

Eda Swanycke is enjoying her first season in London when her debut comes to a crashing halt. Jilted by her cousin, she suffers the indignity of watching Haro’s new intended lay claim to his person and position. But when a brutal murder upends the household with Haro as chief suspect, Eda must put her wounded pride aside, match wits with the investigator from London, and try, at all costs, to save Haro Emison’s neck from the gallows….

About the Author03_Author Rosanne E. Lortz

Rosanne E. Lortz ("Rose") is a history lover, a book addict, a mom to four boys, and a native of Portland, Oregon. When she's not writing, she teaches Latin and English composition and works as an editor at Madison Street Publishing.

For more information visit her website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

To Wed an Heiress Blog Tour Schedule

Monday, May 18 Excerpt & Giveaway at Passages to the Past Spotlight & Giveaway at Susan Heim on Writing
Tuesday, May 19 Interview at Boom Baby Reviews Spotlight at I Heart Reading
Wednesday, May 20 Review at Queen of All She Reads Spotlight & Giveaway at Let them Read Books
Thursday, May 21 Review at Book Nerd Spotlight at Just One More Chapter
Friday, May 22 Spotlight & Giveaway at Unshelfish Spotlight & Giveaway at View from the Birdhouse


Win an e-Book copy of To Wed an Heiress (open internationally).
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Book Review - As Love Blooms by Lorna Seilstad

About the Book:

Young romance opens like a rose . . . but even a rose has its thorns.

Tessa Gregory is nothing if not tenacious. Denied a position as a horticulturist at prestigious Como Park in Saint Paul, Minnesota, she is not above a little benevolent deception in order to get the park superintendent to change his mind and hire her. She plans to infiltrate the world of wealthy and influential people in hopes of drumming up financial support for a world-class conservatory. But before she can put those plans into action, she meets Reese King, a handsome gardener at Como Park--and a major distraction. Still, Reese might be the key to achieving her dream. But is his goal to help her . . . or to capture her heart?

Against the lush backdrop of manicured gardens and greenhouses full of the exotic, Lorna Seilstad weaves a sweet and sassy story that is sure to delight.

My Review:

What a delightful Spring read!  I really enjoyed the setting of this book, and the details about horticulture.  The historical period details (1913 St. Paul, Minnesota) were wonderful.

Tessa is a sympathetic protagonist - fun and determined to pursue her life goals.  While she pursues her ambition, there is also a charming romance.  I enjoy novels with strong, independent female characters, especially during earlier time periods when determination was required for women to pursue career dreams.

This is my first read by Lorna Seilstad, although I have a couple of her books waiting on my Kindle.  As Love Blooms is the third book in the Gregory Sisters trilogy, but it worked well as a standalone read.  I look forward to reading more Lorna Seilstad novels, and would highly recommend As Love Blooms to other readers.

About the Author: 

A history buff, antique collector, and freelance graphic designer, Lorna Seilstad is the author of When Love Calls and the Lake Manawa Summers series. A former high school English and journalism teacher, she has won several online writing contests and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. Lorna lives in Iowa with her husband. Learn more at

I received this book from Revell Reads in exchange for an honest review.

Throwback Thursday - Apple Core Necklaces

Apple core necklaces -- for some reason these were all the rage in the late 1970's.  Everyone wore them.   Fruit themed jewelry was popular with preteen and teen girls;  I'm not sure why.  It would be interesting to find a few Seventeen magazines from this vintage and look through them for trends like this.  Do you remember these necklaces?  This is one retro trend that I don't want to repeat. 

Daily Vintage - Easter Postcard with Chickens

This lovely, frameable vintage Easter postcard depicts chickens eating feed.  I always love the illustrations on these early 1900's cards.  You will find several vintage chicken postcards for Easter at Birdhouse Books.

Book Review and Giveaway - Bianca's Vineyard by Teresa Neumann

Book Description:

Bianca Corrotti's vineyard is more than a piece of mouth-watering real estate in Tuscany. It's an inheritance; a storehouse harboring the secrets of her Uncle Egisto, a world-class sculptor, and his troubled wife -- a woman whose destiny converges with Mussolini's when WWII overtakes them all. Based on a true story, Bianca's Vineyard follows a devoted family of strong-willed men and lion-hearted women waging an epic battle against a gathering storm intent on destroying their lives.

My Review: 

Bianca's Vineyard is a sweeping family saga.   I found the setting and time period fascinating.  This is an engrossing read - and a real treat.

Although there is romance in this novel, at heart it is a wonderfully old fashioned family saga.   I loved reading the story of the family, and the strong family ties that held them together.  It is even more intriguing because it was based on a true story.

The family tree in the front of the book was very helpful in keeping track of the characters.  (I only wish it could have been expanded further.)   Although the heart of the story is the WWII years, the book spans from 1913 to 2001, so there are many wonderful characters to get to know.  

The descriptions in this book are vivid, and the characterizations are layered with depth.  The author has a gift for helping the reader to feel that they are there.  This book would make an amazing movie - or miniseries!

If you enjoy historical fiction, books about Italy, or family sagas, you will love Bianca's Vineyard.  I recommend it highly.  Only one warning -- it will fill you with a longing to visit Italy and see the country where this novel was set!

Author's Bio:

Teresa Neumann and her musician husband live in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley near their three children. As well as being an author and journalist, Teresa loves to fiddle on her violin and live "la dolce vita" in Italy whenever she can talk her family into going with her.

Connect with Teresa:
Where to buy the book:

​Prizes: ​ Win one of 6 copies of Bianca's Vineyard
One winner will also get a $25 Amazon gift card (Open to USA & Canada) Ends May 30
a Rafflecopter giveaway 

I received a copy of this book from Italy Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review - Rachel's Day in the Garden by Giselle Shardlow

About the Book

Title: Rachel's Day in the Garden (A Kids Yoga Spring Colors Book) | Author: Giselle Shardlow | Illustrator: Hazel Quintanilla | Publication Date: December 23, 2014 | Publisher: Kids Yoga Stories | Number of pages: 34 | Recommended age: 3 to 6 years Summary: Experience the benefits of yoga while learning about the signs of spring! 

Join Rachel as she and her adorable puppy look for signs of spring in the garden. Crawl like a caterpillar, buzz like a bee, and flutter like a butterfly. Disc over spring, explore movement, and learn the colors of the rainbow. The storybook includes a list of kids yoga poses an d a parent-teacher guide. Kids Yoga Stories introduce you to engaging characters who will get your child laughing, moving, and creating. Reading is good for the mind AND body! The story links several yoga poses in a specific sequence to create a coherent and meaningful story. This spring yoga story for ages 3 to 6 is more than a storybook, but it’s also a unique experience for children. 

Rachel's Day in the Garden is the first book in a seasonal yoga book series. The summer yoga book is also now avail able: Ella's Summer Fun. The fall and winter ones are in production, coming soon!

Amazon * Book Website * Goodreads

My Review:

Rachel's Day in the Garden is a charming picture book about yoga for young children.  It begins with suggestions for parents or teachers on how to use the book: learn each yoga pose, act the book out for the child, and see the parent-teacher guide in the back of the book.

The illustrations in this book are bright and colorful.  They are sure to appeal to children, especially with the inclusion of a cute puppy dog named Sammy.  Colors are also incorporated in a very clever way.

Children will find this book a fun read, and they will also learn about colors and yoga poses!  Rachel's Day in the Garden would be a wonderful addition to a home or school library.

Sneak Peek

About the Author: Giselle Shardlow

Giselle Shardlow is the author of Kids Yoga Stories. Her yoga stories for kids get children learning, moving, and having fun. Giselle draws from her experiences as a teacher, traveler, yogi, and mom to write the stories. She c an be found at the Kids Yoga Stories website or on her Amazon author page.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * Goodreads

I received a copy of this book from Mother Daughter Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review.