Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas - and a Holiday Blog Break!

Dear friends,

I will be taking a break until January 4th, but look forward to catching up with you then.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

Love and happiness,

Trish (and Abby, too!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Book Review: The Christmas Joy Ride by Melody Carlson

Book Synopsis:
Miranda did not put adventure on her Christmas list, but thanks to her eighty-five-year-old neighbor Joy, that's exactly what she's getting this year. When Joy tells Miranda that she plans to drive an old RV decked out in Christmas decorations from their Chicago neighborhood to her new retirement digs in Phoenix--in the dead of winter, no less--the much younger Miranda insists that Joy cannot make such a trip by herself. Unemployed and facing foreclosure, Miranda feels she has nothing to lose by packing a bag and heading off with Joy toward Route 66. But Joy has a hidden agenda for their Christmas joyride--one that could derail the whole venture.

No one captures the heartwarming fun of the Christmas season quite like Melody Carlson. Fasten your seat belt, because it's going to be an exciting ride!

My Review:
This is a delightful Christmas read about two women, one a senior citizen and one much younger, who travel down Route 66 in an RV spreading Christmas cheer.  It is a fast read, and perfect for an afternoon with a cup of cocoa, relaxing in the middle of the busy holiday season.

One of my life dreams is to travel Route 66 in an RV, so that aspect of the book immediately appealed to me.  I enjoyed traveling along in the book. 

This is my first Melody Carlson read, but it will certainly not be my last.  I enjoyed the heartwarming storytelling and the likable, sympathetic characters found in this book.  It would make a wonderful Hallmark movie!  Highly recommended as a Christmas season read.

About the Author:
Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of more than two hundred books with combined sales of more than six million. She is the author of the bestselling The Christmas Bus, The Christmas Dog, Christmas at Harrington's, and The Christmas Cat. She received a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her many books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series and Finding Alice. She and her husband live in central Oregon. Learn more at

I received this book from Revell Reads in exchange for an honest review.

Did You Know Tuesday: Aluminum Christmas Trees

Did you grow up with aluminum Christmas trees?  I didn't;  we had live trees when I was a little girl, and artificial (green) trees later due to allergies. I always thought the aluminum trees were pretty, though, and am glad they have become popular again during the last few years.

The Aluminum Specialty Company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin began manufacturing these trees in 1959.  The owner of the company had seen a store display aluminum tree the previous year, and decided to manufacture these beauties for the home market.  The company became Evergleam, and these trees originally sold for $25.00.   This is an ad for an Evergleam Frosty aluminum Christmas tree:

In the 1960's, these trees became very popular, available in various sizes, and prices went down because they were readily available.  They were available in silver, pink, teal, and flocked.  Do you remember the scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas when Lucy sends Charlie Brown out to buy a tree?  She tells him she wants a "big, shiny aluminum tree . . . maybe painted pink."

This silver tree sold for just $18.50 in a 1960's catalog:

There were also color wheels available to spin and illuminate the tree in changing colors.  The trees were often decorated with Shiny Brite ornaments, which were light enough not to crush or weigh down the branches.  Some trees rotated on a mechanical base, and others even had an element to play music.

This 1962 Spiegel catalog page features a color wheel, a silver tree, a flocked tree, and other tree accessories:

Aluminum trees were everywhere!  This ad is from Rexall drug store:

The trees became less popular by the late 1960's, and Evergleam stopped producing them in 1969.  Smaller companies followed suit by the early 1970's.

Aluminum Christmas trees have become popular again in recent years as the interest in atomic ranch homes and MCM (Mid-Century Modern) design has grown.  If I find one at a local estate sale or yard sale at some point, I may have to bring it home.

Do you remember aluminum Christmas trees?  Did you ever have one?   Do you like them, or do you prefer a traditional green Christmas tree?   I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Music Monday - "Silver Bells" by Bing Crosby and Carol Richards (1950)

"Silver Bells" is one of my favorite Christmas songs.  I love old fashioned holiday music;  it always evokes so many memories.  When I was growing up, my parents had lots of Christmas albums, and getting them out each year to listen always put me in the mood for the holidays.   This is one of those songs that I always loved.  I've always thought of it as such a quintessential Mid-Century Christmas song. 

I love the way the lyrics capture the feeling of Christmas in a city:

"City sidewalks, busy sidewalks.
Dressed in holiday style
In the air there's a feeling of Christmas"


"Strings of streetlights
Even stop lights
Blink a bright red and green
As the shoppers rush
Home with their treasures."

"Silver Bells" was written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.  It was originally called "Tinkle Bells" until Ray Evans played the song for his wife, who reminded him of the childhood use of the word "tinkle."  The title was quickly changed to "silver."

The most famous version of the song was recorded by Bing Crosby and Carol Richards on Decca Records in 1950.  Carol Richards was a singer who also dubbed songs for actresses in several movies, including Vera Ellen (Call Me Madam) and Cyd Charisse (Brigadoon, Silk Stockings).   Bing Crosby's voice always just reminds me of Christmas -- he is so associated with the holiday because of his wonderful Christmas songs.

Do you have any special memories of this song?  What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping at Birdhouse Books - Old Cards, New Books

Hi all!

Happy weekend!   This will be my last Weekend Window Shopping post of 2015.   I'll pick back up in the New Year.

In the meantime, I wanted to give you a head's up -- watch my online stores the next two weeks.  I have great listings scheduled to start over the weeks of Christmas and New Year's, and some wonderful markdown sales as well.

You can find my vintage children's books, whimsical cards, and much more online:

Birdhouse Books on eBay
Birdhouse Books on Etsy
Birdhouse Books on Bonanza

I have some nice vintage cards and new books (novels and children's books) on eBay this week.  You will find a few glimpses below.

This is a beautiful 1939 Sunday School Junior Certificate of Promotion.

This little baby announcement is adorable, with charming illustrations on the front and inside of card.

These Mid-Century old store stock cards are perfect for announcing a new address.

A little kitten plays on the piano keys on this card.

Anna's Crossing is an Amish novel by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

A Reluctant Bride is an Amish novel by Kathleen Fuller.

If You Were Me and Lived in China is a wonderful picture book for preschool age children -- great for a study unit.

The Tears of Dark Water is a mystery by Corban Addison.

M is for Manger is a lovely picture book for young children.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Dear Abby: My Christmas Wish List

Dear Friends,

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!  We will be busy with the holidays the next couple of Fridays, so I wanted to pop in and share my Christmas list with you.

I wish for more afternoon naps, ideally with Momma joining me.  Afternoon naps are just about as good as treats.

I wish for neighborhood fireworks to become suddenly illegal and never be used in the area near my home again.  Ever.

Ditto thunder. No more thunder.

I wish for peanut butter spread in Kongs.

I wish for lots of sunny days and very few rainy days.

I wish for the joy of burrowing in warm blankets.

I wish for everyone who wants to add a puppy or dog to their family to adopt instead of shopping.  There are so many wonderful dogs in shelters and foster homes and animal rescues ... and they are looking for forever homes.

I also wish that people adopting dogs would remember that dogs who are seniors and dogs with special needs also need loving homes ... and they have a lot of love to give.

Oh!  And mixed breed dogs like me.  A dog does not need to be a purebred to be pure of heart.  I wish for them all to find great forever homes.

Other than that I wish for yummy treats, soft toys to cuddle, and extra long walks in the New Year.

And I wish the happiest of holidays to you and yours!

With lots of love,

Abby xoxoxo

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Book Review: Moosewood Cookbook, 40th Anniverary Edition by Mollie Katzen

Book Synopsis:
The Moosewood Cookbook has inspired generations to cook simple, healthy, and seasonal food. A classic listed as one of the top ten best-selling cookbooks of all time by the New York Times, this 40th anniversary edition of Mollie Katzen's seminal book will be a treasured addition to the cookbook libraries of fans young and old.

In 1974, Mollie Katzen hand-wrote, illustrated, and locally published a spiral-bound notebook of recipes for vegetarian dishes inspired by those she and fellow cooks served at their small restaurant co-op in Ithaca, NY. Several iterations and millions of copies later, the Moosewood Cookbook has become one of the most influential and beloved cookbooks of all time–listed by the New York Times as one of the best- selling cookbooks in history, inducted into the James Beard Award Cookbook Hall of Fame, and coined a Cookbook Classic by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Mollie’s Moosewood Cookbook has inspired generations to fall in love with plant-based home cooking, and, on the fortieth anniversary of that initial booklet, continues to be a seminal, timely, and wholly personal work. With a new introduction by Mollie and fresh, new packaging (including high-end paper, built- to-last binding–plus a lovely hard-cover option) this commemorative edition will be a cornerstone for any cookbook collection that long-time fans and those just discovering Moosewood Cookbook will treasure. 

My Review:
I have been a vegetarian for many years.  The Moosewood Cookbook was one of the first vegetarian cookbooks I ever bought.  I am delighted to rediscover this 40th Anniversary Edition.  It is such a big, beautiful book!  

This cookbook has the same loving, unique design, with hand lettered recipes and charming illustrations.  The look is truly special.

Best of all, of course, are the recipes!  You will find:
Sauces and Dips
A Few Baked Things and Sandwiches

The recipes are step by step, with basic real food ingredients and easy to follow directions.  I have cooked with Moosewood many times and you truly cannot go wrong with these recipes.  This is an essential vegetarian cookbook, and your kitchen - and you - will be happier with this addition to your cookbook shelf.  Very highly recommended - five stars!

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Throwback Thursday - Vintage Christmas Baking Ads

If you read my blog often, you will know that I spend way too much time at Pinterest!  I love that site.  I am forever seeking - and finding! - great vintage images there.

I wanted to share a few fun vintage Christmas ads with you today.  They all feature retro baking.   Since I love all things vintage, retro food photos, and baking, these are terrific fun.

This ad features a Durkee's Candy Cane Cake (1956).  It's coconut, so I am predisposed to love it.

This 1941 Pillsbury ad features Frosted Christmas cookies:

Okay, I am now ready to go look for Durkee's Coconut (does this product still exist?!).   This 1950's ad features a Snowman Cake:

This Crisco ad features Christmas Cookies (and they look delicious!).

More Christmas cookies, from Gold Medal Flour -- bell and Christmas tree shape cookies.

Do you enjoy vintage food ads?  Have you ever tried a recipe from an old ad like one of these?   I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Book Review and Giveaway - I Love My Pet Elephant by Lauren Micchelli

Book Description for I Love My Elephant:
A colorful tale of friendship and fun between a little girl and her best friend - her pet elephant!

I Love My Pet Elephant is a delightful medley of reality and fantasy, with shenanigans and adventures brought to life through vibrant illustration and simple rhyming text.

Buy I Love My Pet Elephant here:
Barnes & Noble 

Other Books by Lauren Micchelli:
A Day of What Ifs:
A unique book filled with quirky scenarios and colorful pictures. A twist on the ordinary, this story touches the imagination with an entertaining assortment of "what if" possibilities! (ages 3-6)

The Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie & Murphy: A Christmas Journey to the North Pole
The first book of the Maddie and Murphy series. Maddie's dreams take her on different nighttime adventures. Accompanied by her dog, Murphy, Maddie finds herself where no child has gone before - the North Pole! (ages 4-8)

The Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie & Murphy:
To the Moon and Back Maddie gazes out her window at the night sky. As bedtime nears, Mom tells Maddie a secret - that a wish on a star could really come true! An excited Maddie makes her wish - to go to the moon! What unfolds is so much more! (ages 4-8)

Buy Lauren Micchelli's books on Amazon 

Book Review:
I Love My Pet Elephant is such a sweet picture book for young children. It tells the story of a little girl who has a special best friend -- an elephant.

The story is told in rhyme, and it is lively with a gentle humor. Children are sure to enjoy lines like:

"He has giant ears
That are floppy and grey
When he flaps them too quickly
He flies up and away!"

The book is formatted perfectly for a read aloud, with a picture and then a short rhyme on the facing page. The big, bold illustrations by Thomas Barnett add a lot to the story. The elephant has so many cute facial expressions!

I recommend this book for a home collection or preschool library. It is a story that young children will want to read again and again.

Author's Bio:
Lauren Micchelli is a newly published author, having penned her first book in 2014. She has since continued the Snootzytime Adventures of Maddie and Murphy series, and went on to publish A Day Of What Ifs and I Love My Pet Elephant.

Impressively, she was the recipient of New Book Award 2015 for I Love My Pet Elephant.

​Lauren Micchelli grew up in West Caldwell, New Jersey and currently resides in northern New Jersey.

Connect with the author:

Prizes: Win 1 of 5 print copies or 3 ebook copies (Apple) of I Love My Pet Elephant & 2 X $15 Amazon gift cards (10 prizes total) (USA & Canada)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I received this book from iRead Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: A Heart's Promise by Colleen Coble

Book Description

A rival threatens Emmie's budding romance with Isaac.

At Fort Laramie, soldier Isaac Liddle determines he will court and win Emmie Croftner's hand. Though courting seems improbable for a woman in her condition, Emmie begins to care deeply for Issac and chafes as Jessica Dubois sets her bonnet for him.

When Jessica learns of Emmie's secret pregnancy, she blackmails her. With the Sioux Wars raging outside the safety of Fort Laramie, Emmie knows she cannot lose Isaac. But will he reject her-and her child-if he learns the truth? 

My Review 

A Heart's Promise is Book 5 in A Journey of the Heart Series.   It is short, quick read that really moves the characters forward.

I really enjoyed Emmie's story.  She is a warm, sympathetic character, and readers will get to know her better in this novella.  Emmie has had struggles in her life that make her wary of men, but she is a strong person and inspired by her faith and her feelings for Isaac.

I loved the Western setting (the Wyoming Territory) and the historical details.   I recommend this novel, and the Journey of the Heart series, for anyone who enjoys inspirational historical fiction.  I am already looking forward to continuing with Book 6!

About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble has written several romantic suspense novels including Tidewater Inn, Rosemary Cottage, and the Mercy Falls, Lonestar, and Rock Harbor series. Visit her website at Twitter: @colleencoble Facebook: colleencoblebooks

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review: The Case of the Sin City Sister by Lynne Hinton

Book Description

When Eve's biological sister goes missing, the nun heads to Las Vegas to track her down before it's too late.

Years ago, Eve heard God's call to become a nun, but her recent stint moonlighting at her father's detective agency invigorates her so much that she's wrestling with her vocation. She's working with him on a case involving a miner in New Mexico when alarming news develops: her sister Dorisanne is missing. The authorities won't act without evidence of a crime, but Eve knows something suspicious-and possibly deadly-is afoot. Challenged to put her newfound gifts as a PI to the test, Sister Eve heads west to Las Vegas to uncover clues about her sister's whereabouts.

What nefarious scheme has Dorisanne become involved in? Is her life in danger? And what is Dorisanne's estranged husband hiding? Sister Eve will discover there's always more going on in Sin City than meets the eye. 

My Review
The Case of the Sin City Sister is a wonderful cozy mystery from Lynne Hinton.  This unusual mystery is about a nun who solves crimes.  

The mystery is well written, with strong characters (especially Eve!) and lots of twists and turns.  It really kept me guessing until the end.  There are really two mysteries in the book -- the search for Eve's sister, Dorisanne, and what happened to her great-grandfather.  I found both storylines very interesting.

I have not read the first book in the series, but this novel worked fine as a standalone.  (I do want to read the first book as well, though!)   I read a lot of cozy mysteries, and this is one of my favorite recent cozies.  I recommend it highly for other fans of the genre.

About the Author
Lynne Hinton is the New York Times best-selling author of Friendship Cake and Pie Town. She received an undergraduate degree from UNC Greensboro and a Masters of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. She has served as a hospice chaplain and church pastor. Lynne is a regular columnist with The Charlotte Observer. She lives with her husband in Albuquerque, NM. Visit her website at Facebook: Lynne-Hinton-Books

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Vintage Christmas Postcard - Girls Reading

Found at Birdhouse Books:  Christmas Postcards

Book Review: The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told: A Memoir

Book Synopsis:

He was predestined for literary greatness. If only his father hadn’t used up all the words.

 As the son of the Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Richard Eberhart, Dikkon Eberhart grew up surrounded by literary giants. Dinner guests included, among others, Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, W. H. Auden, and T. S. Eliot, all of whom flocked to the Eberhart house to discuss, debate, and dissect the poetry of the day. To the world, they were literary icons. To Dikkon, they were friends who read him bedtime stories, gave him advice, and, on one particularly memorable occasion, helped him with his English homework. Anxious to escape his famous father’s shadow, Dikkon struggled for decades to forge an identity of his own, first in writing and then on the stage, before inadvertently stumbling upon the answer he’d been looking for all along—in the most unlikely of places. Brimming with unforgettable stories featuring some of the most colorful characters of the Beat Generation, The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told is a winsome coming-of-age story about one man’s search for identity and what happens when he finally finds it.

My Review:

The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover, with a sepia photo of desk top with an antique typewriter and old fan.  Then I read the description and the mention of Richard Eberhart, and knew I had to read this book.  I was an English major (creative writing: poetry), and always found Eberhart's poetry very powerful -- especially "The Groundhog," a moving poem about death.

This is a fascinating read for anyone who loves poetry.  I enjoyed seeing the glimpses of famous poets that Dikkon Eberhart met through his childhood.  The literary anecdotes in this memoir make this a compelling read.

It was also interesting to see how Dikkon Eberhart's life changed as he reached adulthood and forged a life of his own, with writing, the stage, his own family, and finding great strength and comfort in his faith.

The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told is a beautifully written book, sure to interest fans of memoirs, poetry, and strong writing. 

About the Author: 

Dikkon Eberhart is the son of Pulitzer Prize–winning poet laureate of the United States Richard Eberhart. He grew up surrounded by the great writers of the mid- to late- 20th century. He holds an MDiv. and an MA as well as a PhD in religion and art from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.

Dikkon and his wife, Channa, have four grown children and two grandchildren, and they currently make their home in a small Maine coastal town, where their Baptist community recently honored Dikkon by electing him a deacon and a church board member.

I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Did You Know Tuesday - Shiny-Brite Ornaments

Shiny-Brite ornaments are a perfect example of Mid-Century Christmas decorations.  The great ad, above, is from 1966.  

These ornaments date back a little earlier, though.  The first Shiny-Brite ornaments were made in 1937 by Max Eckhardt.  He worked with the Corning Glass Company to produce them.  These ornaments were originally sold at Woolworth dime stores.

Shiny-Brites were popular during the 1940's - World War II vintage - because they were American made.  The 1940's box top featured Santa Claus shaking hands with Uncle Sam.

The ornaments were originally manufactured in New Jersey.  They were sprayed inside with silver nitrate and then they were lacquered so they truly had a shiny and bright appearance!

Not all vintage glass ornaments are Shiny-Brites.  You will recognize them by the Shiny Brite name on the metal ornament capper.  During World War II this capper was made of cardboard because of war time manufacturing restrictions.

Here is a glimpse of a 1950's box of Shiny-Brites:

This 1956 Sears catalog page features Shiny-Brites galore.  The variety of designs was fabulous -- balls, tear drop shapes, bell shapes, indents, birds, and more!

The company stopped production in the 1970's.  However, in recent years Christopher Radko has started producing Shiny-Brite ornaments, and his selection is always lovely.

Do you remember Shiny-Brite ornaments?  Were there any of these beauties on your childhood Christmas tree?  I would love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Book Review and Giveaway - Murder fir Christmas by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Murder Fir Christmas
(Christmas Tree Valley Mysteries)

Cozy Mystery
New Series
Print Length: 208 pages
Publisher: J. Lavene (December 1, 2015)

Down the mountain from Sweet Pepper, Tennessee is Christmas Tree Valley, a place filled with hundreds of Christmas tree farms where generations of growers have made people’s lives brighter. Yet even here in this quiet, postcard-perfect corner of the world, darkness and murder can still stalk the night.

Federal Wildlife Agent Bonnie Tuttle has always had a special gift with wild animals. It was one of the reasons she decided to train with the wildlife agency. She’s spent the last ten years in Alabama working, but her mother needs her home and she’s back despite all the bad parts of her life she hoped to leave behind.

Her first day home begins with a fire on the island in Sweet Pepper Lake and the death of Harvey Shelton, the wildlife agent she’s supposed to replace. Bonnie manages to rescue dozens of animals from the fire – including a wolf pup that was shot with the same bullet that killed Harvey.

Now she’s hot on the trail of Harvey’s killer and trying to reintegrate the wolf back into the wild even though he seems to want to stay with her. Yet old memories persist in the small community where she grew up, and the killer now seems to believe that she has what he killed Harvey for. All she has to do is figure out what that is before it’s too late. 

Christmas Recipes included!

My Review

I really enjoyed this Christmas cozy mystery!  Christmas Tree Valley was such a wonderful setting for a novel ... so cozy and perfect for the holiday season.

I really liked Bonnie as a protagonist.  Her work as a Federal Wildlife Agent was fascinating, and I especially enjoyed reading about her work.  As an animal lover, of course I loved the wolf pup!

The Lavenes are such wonderful writers, and this book is full of twists and turns and surprises that will keep the reader guessing. The Cherokee lore was an interesting addition to the story.

If you're looking for a perfect Christmas cozy mystery to read as a break from the busy season, Murder fir Christmas is a perfect match.  Highly recommended!
I just love this picture of Joyce and Jim

About The Authors 

Joyce and Jim Lavene write award-winning, bestselling mystery fiction as themselves, J.J. Cook, and Ellie Grant. They have written and published more than 70 novels for Harlequin, Berkley, Amazon, and Gallery Books along with hundreds of non-fiction articles for national and regional publications. They live in rural North Carolina with their family.

Author Links

Purchase Link

One lucky winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card.  (Ends 12/16/15).
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a copy of this book from Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review - The Mistress of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz

Book Synopsis
There can be only one mistress of Tall Acre . . .
The American Revolution is finally over, and Sophie Menzies is starved for good news. When her nearest neighbor, General Seamus Ogilvy, finally comes home to Tall Acre, she hopes it is a sign of better days to come. But the general is now a widower with a small daughter in desperate need of a mother. Nearly destitute, Sophie agrees to marry Seamus and become the mistress of Tall Acre in what seems a safe, sensible arrangement. But when a woman from the general's past returns without warning, the ties that bind this fledgling family together will be strained to the utmost. When all is said and done, who will be the rightful mistress of Tall Acre?

Triumph and tragedy, loyalty and betrayal--you will find it all in the rich pages of this newest novel from the talented pen of Laura Frantz.

My Review

I love historical fiction, and enjoy books set during the early American years.  The setting of this book, just after the American Revolution, was very interesting, and the period details were perfect.

Both Sophie and Seamus were strong, kind characters, and I enjoyed watching their love story unfold.  Lily Cate, Seamus's daughter, is a charming addition to the story.

I enjoyed the twists and bit of mystery that this novel contained ... it made the read especially enjoyable.

This is my first read by Laura Frantz, but I enjoyed this book, and will certainly look for her novels again.  I recommend The Mistress of Tall Acre for fans of historical, inspirational fiction.  

About the Author
Laura Frantz is a lover of history, is the author of The Frontiersman's Daughter, Courting Morrow Little, and The Colonel's Lady, and currently lives in the misty woods of Washington with her husband and two sons.

I received this book from Revell Reads in exchange for an honest review.