Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Heroes of the City Baby App

I enjoyed reviewing the Heroes of the City toys, books, and app a couple of months ago (more information, click here!).  Heroes of the City has a new app, and this one is for babies and toddlers (ages 0 - 2+).  This app is available at iTunes, for iPad or iPhone, and it is also available via Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

The app is colorful, educational, and entertaining for the youngest children.  It is also free!   It features:

• 3 animated short movies (Languages: English and Swedish )
• Music Panel with two different themes
• Color and shape game
• Magic coloring game
• Balloon Game

You can find movies from the app on Youtube as well.   Here is one of the videos:

The Heroes of the City products are especially well designed and engaging for children.  I highly recommend this app!