Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's a Mystery! Levenger Brass Terrier Dogs

Hi all!

I did not intend to go yard sale-ing today when I went out to have breakfast and run a few errands with my best friend. But we heard the siren call of the yard sales, and had to stop at just a few.

I found 6 - 7 lovely 1950's vintage cookbooks (one signed by author) and these very cute brass terrier dogs. They look like Wirehair Fox Terriers and are very cute. They are marked Levenger (perhaps from the pen company at They are brass. They are very heavy. But what ARE they? At first I thought they were bookends, but now I'm wondering if they are pen stands. But the dogs' paws are outstretched in a manner as if they are meant to hold something.

Can anyone help me solve this yard sale mystery? Thank you in advance!