Monday, July 7, 2014

Music Monday - "Nothing But a Heartache" by The Flirtations (1968)

"Nothing But a Heartache" is one of my all time favorite songs.  It combines many things I love:  retro soul, girl group music, and a melody that is catchy and dynamic.

The Flirtations recorded this song in 1968, and it was a hit for the group, making the Hot 100 list.  The Flirtations started recording in 1962 as the Gypsies.   Two of the singers were sisters from South Carolina.  They were marketed as being like the Supremes, and there are some real similarities in sound and performance style.

"Nothing But a Heartache" became a Northern Soul hit.  Northern Soul music was soul music that achieved popularity in dance clubs in Northern England, Scotland, and Wales in the mid-1960's.  Northern Soul songs were typically by less well known artists.  They were uptempo with a good beat for dancing.

I have loved this song for years.  I have it on my Blackberry, my iPad ... and now I am happy to share it with you, too.