Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping at Birdhouse Books: Vintage Cards

Hi vintage friends!

I'm spending time these days listing at Etsy and Amazon ... but I am trying to get some new items listed weekly at eBay.   This week I listed some cute vintage greeting cards (Valentines and blank cards).  You will find them all at eBay:

Birdhouse Books on eBay

This boy has an anthropomorphic egg head.  "I've flipped over you!  You're the eggiest! Teacher."
A little boy is dressed as a knight in armor and a little girl is dressed as a princess on this Valentine.  "Teacher - get the point?  I'm yours Valentine."
A cute little fox offers a bouquet of flowers on this Valentine.  "My Valentine wish has lots of LOVE in it.  Sure hope you're happy every single minute teacher."
This especially cute mechanical Valentine features a little cowboy (he moves at the waist) and a terrier dog.  "I want to lasso your heart, my Valentine."
This mechanical Valentine features a boy fishing, a little girl with a picnic, and a small dog.  "Valentine - you've got me hooked!"
This is a cute 1960's vintage postcard.  It features a little girl at an antique desk.  "From Jane."
This blank card features a photo of a Weimaraner dog on a clothesline.  It features a Harry Giglio photo.
 This unused blank card features a wolf and her baby.  It is a Joy Shannon illustration.
This is my favorite of the cards.  It features a basset hound playing with a hula hoop.  It features a photo by David Belda.
This is another great mechanical Valentine!  It features a boy playing the guitar (he moves at the waist) and a terrier dog.  "Please note what I say - I want you for my Valentine today and every day." 

Hope you have a good weekend!