Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why do I blog?

I've blogged for several years.  I started blogging to promote Birdhouse Books, my online business (vintage children's books and cards).  That was well and good, but over time I wanted something more.

I began 2014 writing a more varied blog, including Music Monday and Friday Faves, as well as occasional book reviews, movie reviews, giveaways, and general chat.  It is so much more fun!  I love having a blog without limits and being free to write about a variety of topics here.

I've loved writing since I was a little girl.  My first story was in first grade.  I kept a diary starting in elementary school, and later a journal with longer entries.  In high school I discovered poetry, and copied favorite poems from the library into spiral notebooks, writing my own poems as well.

College was all about creative writing for me;  my degree was English: Creative Writing with a focus in poetry.   I loved everything about it, especially the focus on words and writing.

I wrote for years after college, followed by a few years where I shockingly did not write at all.  I did not feel like myself when I wasn't writing.  I started a challenge to write a poem a day in 2010 and have kept that up.  At this point my daily journal is basically poem after poem.  I enjoy it so much and look forward to writing each evening.  I believe this practice has changed my life.

My work involves finding books, researching them, and writing descriptions.  I enjoy writing in this small daily way, but blogging gives me the opportunity to do something a little different and more -- actually communicating about things that I enjoy.   I love getting comments here and chatting back and forth with readers.  It makes my day!  

In short: I blog because I love to write.