Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping at Birdhouse Books - Children's Books and Vintage Valentines

Hi fellow fans of all things vintage! I have a few fun little vintage additions to my shops to share with you.  As always, you can find these goodies online:

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Saying Thank You Makes Me Happy is a cute little Happy Day Book illustrated by Francis Hook.   You will recognize her illustrations from 1960's Northern Tissue packages.
The Family That Grew is a 1963 children's book about adoption by Florence Rondell and Ruth Mitchell.
This cute little unused parrot Valentine reads:  "Hi Valentine - you fill the bill."
This vintage Valentine features a mouse holding an apple and dialing an old fashioned telephone.  This is a card for a teacher.
Here is another mouse card for teacher.  A little dressed mouse stands at a blackboard with a pointer.
This is a cute card from the 1920's.  It features two little girls, and the card opens from the center of the heart to reveal a garden with a white picket fence.
This Valentine, also 1920's, features pink roses, and it's very sweet.  (Would look great framed!)
This Valentine may be my favorite this week.  A little wide-eyed girl on ice skates holds a heart.  "A Token of Love."  This is a 1920's card.
I hope you enjoyed peeking in the windows of my shop with me.   I always love hearing from you in the comments, below.