Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday To-Do - It's all about vintage children's books!

Good morning, eBay friends!

I'm still in the midst of my huge listing project here.  Goal:  to get 70 vintage children's books up by the end of the free listing promotion on eBay - Sat. 3/31.

I generally do better with all projects if I can break them into small bite-sized portions.  Yesterday I tackled photos for all these books on one day -- whew!   Way too much.  I took over 600 photos and cropped them all.

Today I plan to make inventory cards for the items, research prices, and (woohoo!) start listing them.   I am looking forward to that.  I really enjoy writing vintage children's book listings, and I get in a rhythm when I can do them one after the next.

Pictured:  Huckleberry Hound Builds a House, vintage Little Golden Book.