Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrating - Finally Reached 5000 Feedback

Hooray!  I finally reached 5000 feedback tonight on eBay and got a shiny new color star.  This was a long time coming, so I'm celebrating just a bit:  new star

Vintage Swap Trading Cards Featuring Dogs

These beautiful 1940's - 1950's vintage swap trading cards feature a dog picture on one side, and they are blank on the back.  As a fan of both ephemera and vintage dog items, I really enjoyed scanning, researching, and listing these cards.

This especially nice card features a Gladys Emerson Cook illustration of a blonde cocker spaniel and a tabby cat in front of a door marked "Quiet Please":

A cute little Wirehair Fox Terrier rides a scooter:

This mischievous little Cocker Spaniel puppy, searching through a purse, reminds me of a Gustaf Tenggren Little Golden Book illustration:

A cute little Cocker Spaniel dog wears a cowboy hat and rides a rocking horse, while brandishing a lariat: