Thursday, June 3, 2010

1920's - 1930's Vintage Children's Valentines

I'm working with some charming 1920's - 1930's vintage die-cut children's Valentines today, and found some that are too sweet not to share. Above you'll see Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman from the fairy tale: "I'm the woodsman big and strong who'll protect you all life long, Valentine." 1935 card.

The little clown or Pierrot above also dates from 1935. What lovely art work on these vintage cards!

The 1931 card above shows a little boy and girl in a hot air balloon. It reads: "I'm up in the air over you! Please be my Valentine."

This undated card (1920's to 1930's vintage) shows a sweet little Dutch girl with a heart. Note her wooden shoes! It reads: "My Valentine. Here is mine heart. Let us together never part."

This card (looks like 1920's from style) shows a boy who is a cheerleader. He has a megaphone and the little flag behind his head looks like it says Yale. "Here's my favorite yell Valentine - rah, rah, rah, I think you're swell!"
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