Friday, April 29, 2016

Dear Abby - Meet Nuggi (A Rescued Pet Spotlight)

Dear Friends,

I am very excited today.  My rescue visitor, Nuggi, is a special friend.  We came from the same dachshund rescue group and lived in the same foster home!  

Nuggi is 8 years old.  He is a double dapple dachshund and such a handsome and very sweet boy!  I love his coloring.

Abby: What is your background and how did you end up in rescue?

Nuggi:   We don't know anything about my background. We heard that my former owner wanted to breed me, but couldn't because of my double dapple-ness.

As a result of my breeding, I only have one blue eye -- but it's a beautiful and wonderful eye! 

The foster home I came from had 10 doxies in it -- and I often had to defend myself because of my eye. Mommy can't believe this. Trish's Abby was one of my foster-mates -- she was always very sweet to me.

Abby:  How were your first days at your new home?

Nuggi:  From the moment the rescue lady handed me into my mommy's arms, I buried my head in the crook of her neck and knew I was home. 

She said she may as well have just taped me to her body, that's how much of a velcro boy I am. I explored the house & yard completely and tirelessly. And got to sleep in my mommy's arms all night long. Pure bliss!

Oh, by the way, both mommy & I found our "home" the minute my blue eye met her green eyes. It was immediate love.

Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things?  

Nuggi:  Some of my favorite things are squeaky furry toys. My most beloved one is a ladybug squeakee, followed by 2 teddy bear rescue-dog ones, and a birdie.

I also adore going for walks and manage to leave nothing unsniffed! 

And taking naps on the couch with my mom is the very best.

And I love my food and all my special apple and carrot time throughout the day. 

Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet?

Nuggi:  I am just so entirely grateful and blessed that my mommy fell in love with me!  We both feel that rescuing a dog is a win-win situation for all concerned. Of course there are exceptions, but more than likely you will find the love of your life !

Abby:  Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to?

Nuggi:  The Rescue Group that found me is the one I'd send greetings to: ATDR, All Texas Dachshund Rescue.

My mom calls me her Rock, her Anchor. I don't think I'm much like a rock, but I know she means this in a very special way. We adore each other.

Nuggi, thank you so much for visiting!  It was so much fun catching up with you again here.  Momma and I are always extra happy to hear news of you, since we have a special rescue connection.  I join Nuggi in sending love, and love, and more love to ATDR!

Sigh!  I love Nuggi's happy story.   Dear readers, if you have a rescued pet you would like to spotlight here, please let me know.   You can also leave a message for Nuggi in the comments below, or just say "hi."  I love to hear from you!

Wishing you a great weekend.


Abby xoxoxo

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review and Giveaway - The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder by Rachel McMaillan

Book Synopsis:
In 1910 Toronto, while other bachelor girls perfect their domestic skills and find husbands, two friends perfect their sleuthing skills and find a murderer.

Inspired by their fascination with all things Sherlock Holmes, best friends and flatmates Merinda and Jem launch a consulting detective business. The deaths of young Irish women lead Merinda and Jem deeper into the mire of the city's underbelly, where the high hopes of those dreaming to make a new life in Canada are met with prejudice and squalor.

While searching for answers, donning disguises, and sneaking around where no proper ladies would ever go, they pair with Jasper Forth, a police constable, and Ray DeLuca, a reporter in whom Jem takes a more than professional interest. Merinda could well be Toronto's premiere consulting detective, and Jem may just find a way to put her bachelor girlhood behind her forever---if they can stay alive long enough to do so.

Purchase a copy:
My Review:
The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder is such a fun, unique historical mystery.  Set in 1910 Toronto, this novel tells the story of two young women in their 20's who are so fascinated by Sherlock Holmes that they decide to become detectives.
The tone is light, and the story is a romp with both a mystery and a bit of romance (I loved reporter Ray DeLuca!).
The period piece details of this story are so nicely done, and they are sure to please fans of historical fiction.
Each chapter begins with a lovely cameo illustration and a quote from books that Merinda and Jem are reading.   There are even footnotes used for humorous effect.
I like the quiet way that faith is addressed in this novel, and the feminist overtones -- female detectives in 1910!
I recommend The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder for fans of historical fiction.  You are in for a treat!  I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
Author Bio:
Rachel McMillan is a keen history enthusiast and a lifelong bibliophile. When not writing or reading, she can most often be found drinking tea and watching British miniseries. Rachel lives in bustling Toronto, where she works in educational publishing and pursues her passion for art, literature, music, and theater.

Rachel is celebrating the release of The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder with a Murder Mystery Prize Pack giveaway (details below) and an author chat party on April 28!


One grand prize winner will receive:
Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on 4/28. The winner will be announced at The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder Facebook party. RSVP for a chance to connect with Rachel and other readers, as well as for a chance to win other prizes!


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I received a copy of this book from Litfuse in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Did You Know Tuesday: Fun Facts About Twister

Twister was a big hit at parties during my childhood.  It is a silly, fast paced game.  You have a vinyl mat on the floor with big colorful spots.  Players use the spinner (as seen below) and then put their hand or foot on the corresponding spot.  This is easy the first spin, and gets more difficult with each additional spin as you reach across the mat for the other colorful spots -- especially with other players on the vinyl mat as well.

Twister was created by Reyn Winsor Guyer, who had a family company that made store displays for Fortune 500 companies.  Guyer envisioned the game as a Back to School display for Johnson's shoe polish.  Johnson's turned the idea down.  He then created "Kings Footsie" and showed it to 3M, who rejected the board game.  Guyer then collaborated with Charles Foley, a salesman, and Chuck Rabens, an artist, to work on the game further. It eventually became Pretzel.

The game evolved and was produced as Twister by Milton Bradley.  It became instantly popular when introduced on The Tonight Show by Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor in 1966. 

There was a controversy because Twister was accused of being "sex in a box," but it was marketed as a fun, family game (as I remember it from childhood).  Over 3 million games sold the first year.  In 1967 Twister was awarded the title of Game of the Year.  There was a lawsuit between the three creators of the game (Foley and Rabens vs. Guyer), but it was settled out of court.

In 1985 Hasbro merged with Milton Bradley, and the game is now produced by Hasbro.   There were a number of Twister variations produced since 2000, including Twister Moves, Twister Dance, Twister Scram, Twister Hopscotch, Twister Hoopla, Twister Dance Rave (promoted by Britney Spears), and Twister Rave Skip-It.

A few fun facts about Twister:

Reyn Winsor Guyer went on to create the Nerf Ball in 1969.

The biggest ever Twister board was 171 ft 1 in x 140 ft 1 in in the Netherlands in 2011.

Twister instructions are available for color blind players.  There is also a version available for blind players.   

65 million people have played Twister over the years.

Here is the original 1966 Twister commercial:

Do you remember Twister?  I'd love to read your memories in the comments section, below.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Music Monday - "Dance Away" by Roxy Music (1979)

I love this song. I've loved it since first listen in my teen years, and still feel a little thrill when I hear it on the radio. 

"Dance Away" was a hit for Roxy Music in 1979. It was written by Bryan Ferry and released on the band's Manifesto album.  It was a big hit, and is one of Roxy Music's signature songs.   I always like the lyrics, about a man who dances away his heartache after his girlfriend leaves him for another man:  

"You're dressed to kill and guess who's dying'
Dance away the heartache
Dance away the tears
- Dance away"

Do you remember this song?  Any other Roxy Music songs you remember and like?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Book Review and Giveaway - Sit Stay Love by Dana Mentink

Book Synopsis
Take one abrasive professional athlete, a quirky out-of-work schoolteacher, and an overweight geriatric dog, and you're ready for a lesson in love . . . Tippy style.

Pro baseball pitcher Cal Crawford is not a dog guy. When he inherits his deceased mother's elderly dog, Tippy, he's quick to call on a pet-sitting service.

Gina isn't thrilled to be a dog sitter when her aspirations lie in the classroom. Furthermore, she can't abide the unfriendly Cal, a man with all the charm of a wet towel. But with no other prospects and a deep love for all things canine, she takes the job caring for Tippy.

As Gina travels through Cal's world with Tippy in tow, she begins to see Cal in a different light. Gina longs to show Cal the God-given blessings in his life that have nothing to do with baseball or fame. When her longing blooms into attraction, Gina does her best to suppress it. But Cal is falling in love with her too . . .

Discover the charming story of Tippy, the dog who brought a family together.

Purchase a copy:

My Review
When I received Sit Stay Love in the mail, I scanned a photo of the cover and posted it to my Facebook page with the words:  "I think I am the target audience for this book."   The cover features a soulful, expressive dachshund face - a senior dog.  The only thing I love more than dachshunds is senior dachshunds, and the dog on the cover bears a strong resemblance to my late dachshund Lucy Ricardo.

I read this book over the weekend, and it is a perfect weekend read.   Sit Stay Love is a light romantic story about Gina, a former school teacher turned dog sitter, and Cal, a baseball player who has just lost his mother and inherited her senior dachshund, Tippy.

Despite the difference in these characters' lives, a friendship with romantic chemistry slowly develops.  This all happens because of Tippy.  Part of the story takes place in San Francisco, and part takes place on a charming rural ranch.  

Gina is a very likable protagonist who practices kindness every day and prays for people she cares about.   Although Cal initially comes off as gruff, he becomes sympathetic as readers learn about his background growing up on a ranch with his mother, aunt, and uncle.

Of course, dachshund lovers will delight in this book.  The author really captures the doxie personality perfectly, and Tippy is a star in this story.

I very highly recommend Sit Stay Love, especially as a beach read or weekend read.   It is absolutely delightful, and you will fall in love with Tippy, as I did.

Author Bio
Dana Mentink lives in California, where the weather is golden and the cheese is divine. Dana is an American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year finalist for romantic suspense and an award winner in the Pacific Northwest Writers Literary Contest. Her suspense novel, Betrayal in the Badlands, earned a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award. Besides writing, she busies herself teaching third and fourth grade. Mostly, she loves to be home with her husband, two daughters, a dog with social anxiety problems, a chubby box turtle, and a feisty parakeet.

Join Dana in celebrating the release of Sit, Stay, Love with a blog tour and a Travels with Tippy prize pack giveaway!

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One grand prize winner will receive:
  • A copy of Sit, Stay, Love
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    • Travel-themed decorator box
    • Reading dog statue
    • Dog journal
    • Poems for Dog Lovers
    • Snuggle Paws fleece blanket from Animal Rescue Site
    • Pawprint scarf
    • Doxie desk pen
    • Pupmobile auto magnet

Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry! The giveaway ends on April 25th. The winner will be announced April 26th on Dana's blog.

sit stay love-enterbanner
I received a copy of this book from Litfuse in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dear Abby - Meet Cosmo, Max, Whipper, and Snapper (A Rescue Pet Spotlight)

Dear Friends,

I am so excited!   Kitties are visiting the blog this week.  I love cats and am so happy to introduce you to FOUR cats from the same family!   

Meet Cosmo and Max

Cosmo and Max are Siamese cats who have lived together their whole lives.  They are 16+ years old. 

This is Cosmo:

This is Max:

Abby:  What is your background and how did you end up in rescue?

Cosmo and Max:  Well some lady bought us separately when we were just tiny little kittens and kept us together. But she ended up, in 4 years having 4 kids under 5 and when she got pregnant with #5, she decided Daddy had to give us up. We were too much work for her.

So she had a rescue put an ad on Petfinders for us and said we had to stay together.

Mommy’s cats had all died but one old raggedy black cat (Twilley was 14 when they came..MOM) so she needed some cats to love cause she’s been a cat lover forever. She paid the rescue service the adoption fee and came to the other lady's house and fell in love with us both. Her family came too and they brought us home. 

Abby: How were your first days at your new home?

Cosmo and Max:  We screamed the whole way here and for like a week we lived under the big bed. But we finally relaxed with all the good food and toys and petting. 

Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things?

Cosmo:  We’ve been here a long time now and we love the whole family but my special human is Dad. Max’s special human is Mike – Mom’s son.  (Mom loves on both of us and we take naps on her electric blanket.)  But Dad and me, we used to play catch with paper trash balls and those rattley mice. And I used to jump up on Dad’s shoulders all the way from the ground and then he’d walk around with me sitting there like a prince or something. I’m blind now but I still play with the rattley mice and chase that red light thing mom got for the little girl cat.

Max spends time with Mike, sleeping in his room and watching TV with him. He even moved to FiIladelfia with Mike for a long time. But they both came back after some unhappy circumstances and I’m happy cause I missed him and Mike. Max thinks he’s in charge and he “patrols” and protects the house and yard from the possum monster and those stupid squirrels. 

Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet? 

Cosmo:  Just do it. I’m so glad we never had to live in one of those cage things. I’m a Siamese. I don’t belong in that kind of place. And now I’m old – I wouldn’t like it. Everyone please go rescue a pet today – no pet should have to be alone in a cage… that’s so sad. 

Abby: Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to?

Cosmo and Max:  Well, Mommy got us on Petfinders and Cats Bridge to Rescue helped her with the girl cats we share the house with. So yep – them. 

Meet Whipper and Snapper

Whipper and Snapper live with Cosmo and Max.  They are girl cats, and 4.5 years old.

This is Whipper:
This is Snapper:

Abby: What is your background and how did you end up in rescue?
Whipper and Snapper:  We were born in 2011 when it was hot. Mom saw us under the big thing in the “driveway” and fell in love with us and our whole family at first sight. And she had to bury our one brother who died. That’s when she decided to feed all of us so we wouldn’t die. And she did for a long long time. BUT there was a big big big rainstorm that made water go everywhere and we sat outside and yelled for her to get us some food that wasn’t water-logged. She did. But our mama and our other sisters never came back after the big wet. Mom even built us a little tent on her porch for the cold and the rain but she didn’t think it was working (Whipper says it wasn’t ) so she made Dad come out with these hot things to put under our covers and keep us warm. That was nice but when it was winter almost, it wasn’t doing the job so one day, she put our food in a big box and when we went in to get it, she trapped us and wouldn’t let us go back out. She took us to the doctor and now she says we’re princesses… umph!  Always were. 

Abby:  How were your first days at your new home? 

Whipper and Snapper: Scary cause the humans kept touching our furs and the other boy cats didn’t like us. But we’ve convinced the boys that we’re ok. And now I like having head rubs and Dad petting me. (Snapper says Whipper sold out..because she’s always mushing up to Cosmo and sometimes even Max!)

The kitties' Mom, Beth adds:  "For the record, Whipper lived under the china closet behind 40 boxes of eBay stuff except for meals and potty breaks for like 8 mos. Still doesn’t let us pet her ... or even touch her ... or get too close. BUT she shows up on time for meals and plays with me with trash balls and the laser beam."
Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things?

Whipper:  Cosmo… he lets me sleep with him and mom bought me a red light beam to chase.

Snapper:  I like Dad, he fixes the curtains so I can look out and fluffs the blankets on the sofa at night so I’m warm - and I love the food.

Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet? 

Whipper and Snapper:  Find a nice cat and take them home and feed them lots of good stuff.

Abby:  Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to?

Whipper and Snapper:  Cats Bridge to Rescue cause they spayed us and got us our first shots.

Thank you so much for visiting today, Cosmo, Max, Whipper, and Snapper!  I loved meeting you all and learning about your lives.  You found a GREAT home.

Dear friends, if you would like to leave a message for these beautiful kitties, or if you have a rescued cat or dog who would like to be share a rescue story, please let me know in the comments below.

Love and a happy weekend to you all,

Abby xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Book Spotlight - For Dead Men Only by Paula Paul

Book Synopsis
The Temple of the Ninth Daughter sits on a hill at the edge of Newton-upon-Sea, an aura of mystery lingering over its tall, gray silhouette. Villagers whisper about the treasure housed inside, protected by local Freemasons who are bound by clandestine oaths.

Dr. Alexandra Gladstone has no time for such nonsense. Between the patients in her surgery and the rounds she makes with her faithful dog, Zack, her days are busy enough. But Alexandra has no logical explanation when the Freemasons start dying, one by one, with no sign of foul play other than smears of blood on their Masonic aprons. And what to make of reports that a Knight Templar rides through the village before each passing?

After the constable disappears in the midst of the crisis, Alexandra reaches out to her dashing, diligent friend, Nicholas Forsythe, Lord Dunsford, for assistance. Is someone after the treasure, or might a more sinister game be afoot? In order to solve this puzzle, Alexandra must somehow catch a killer who shows no remorse—and leaves no witnesses.

Author Bio
Award-winning novelist Paula Paul was born on her grandparents’ cotton farm near Shallowater, Texas, and graduated from a country high school near Maple, Texas. She earned a BA in journalism and has worked as a reporter for newspapers in both Texas and New Mexico. She’s been the recipient of state and national awards for her work as a journalist as well as a novelist. Her previous novels featuring Dr. Alexandra Gladstone, including Symptoms of Death, have appeared on bookstore and online bestseller lists. She is also the author of the Mystery by Design series, which she wrote as Paula Carter. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Author Link
Webpage – 

Purchase Links
Amazon –
B&N –

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Did You Know Tuesday - Fun Facts About Bananas

April 20 is Banana Day.  I celebrate this fruit daily with at least one serving.  I love bananas sliced on top of cereal.  I also enjoy them with a sandwich for lunch.  And my pup Abby (you know her as Dear Abby here!) loves a bite of bananas, too.

Bananas became popular in the United States largely due to bananas imported by the United Fruit Company, which later grew into Chiquita Brands International. 

The Chiquita Banana advertising character, Miss Chiquita, was created in 1944 by cartoonist Dik Browne, who also drew the Hagar the Horrible comic strip. 

The familiar peel off Chiquita stickers with Miss Chiquita started appearing on bananas in 1963.  They are still hand placed in order not to damage the fruit.

A few fun facts about bananas:

Bananas float in water.  (So do apples and watermelons!)

The strings on bananas are called phloem.

One banana is called a "finger."  A bunch of bananas is called a "hand."

There are more than 1000 varieties of bananas, but the one that is popular in America is the Cavendish.

Bananas contain six major vitamin groups.

Here is the original Chiquita Banana commercial from the 1940's.  It was produced by the United Fruit Company.  The voice of Chiquita was Monica Lewis, who died in 2015 at the age of 93.

Do you love bananas? What is your favorite way to eat them? I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Music Monday - "Never Going Back Again" - Fleetwood Mac (1977)

"Never Going Back Again" is one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs.  You don't hear it often on the radio (even on SiriusXM), but it is a beautiful little song about moving on from a breakup.

This song was written by Lindsey Buckingham about his breakup with Stevie Nicks.  It was on the Rumours album in 1977, and was also the B-side of the 45 "Don't Stop."   I love the acoustic guitar work in this song, especially combined with such lovely, simple lyrics.   In a review of Rumours for Rolling Stone, John Swenson wrote:  "Never Going Back Again" is "the prettiest thing on [Rumours]."

Do you remember this song?  What are your favorites by Fleetwood Mac?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments, below.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear Abby - Meet Lady (A Rescued Pet Spotlight)

Dear Friends,

I hope you are having a wonderful week in your part of the world!  I have a special friend for you to meet today.  

Lady is a 4 year old Dachshund/Terrier mix.  She was rescued during a scary flood in Oklahoma.  Even the animal shelter was flooding!   

She is a very pretty girl, and we Dachshund/Terrier mixes have to stick together.  Read on to learn more about Lady's dramatic story.

Abby:  What is your background and how did you end up in rescue?: 

Lady:  I’m not sure how I arrived at the rescue but I wasn’t there very long until the heavy rains started to seep under doors and before long it was flooding the aisles.

People who volunteered at this shelter tried to get the cages out but soon the water was so deep that they asked us to swim out. They watched us but I was able to swim and soon was reached by someone on higher ground. They dried me and put me in a crate. Then they took us to an old fire station that was on high ground.

The people who ran the shelter sent word out on TV and begged people to please adopt us if they could give us a good home.

A number of people responded. I was a little afraid of some of the loud little people but then my mom came in and she walked straight to me. She did some signing and then took me in to get a shot.  I wasn’t really afraid because she held me and I felt loved.

Abby:  How were your first days at your new home?

Lady:  My new home had two dogs that lived there, both bigger than me. One was friendly but one was a little unsure of me. My mom made sure I was not left alone with them until she was sure they both accepted me.

Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things?

Lady:  I love to have something in my mouth. It may be a little piece of paper or a sock. I especially like socks. Mom bought me a toy that I love to play with, throwing it in the air and catching it.

Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet?

Lady:  I want my friends to have someone who will not neglect their care. The people who rescue us should love us but not just for a little while. We need a forever home and good food. We want to be loved and will give our entire loyalty and love in return.

Abby:  Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to?

Lady:  A group in Madill, OK called SOAR Southern Oklahoma Animal Resources is great and a no-kill shelter.

Lady, thank you for visiting my blog today and sharing your story!   My Momma and your Mom are bookseller friends, and I have heard that your Mom is a wonderful, dedicated animal lover.

Friends, if you have comments for Lady or just want to say "hi," I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Have a great weekend!


Abby xoxoxo

Book Review - Rare Objects by Kathleen Tessaro

Book Synopsis
In Depression-era Boston, a city divided by privilege and poverty, two unlikely friends are bound by a dangerous secret. . . .

Maeve Fanning, a first generation Irish immigrant, was born and raised among the poor, industrious Italian families of Boston’s North End by her widowed mother. Clever, capable, and headstrong, Maeve is determined to better herself despite the hardships of the Great Depression. However, she also has a dangerous fondness for strange men and bootleg gin—a rebellious appetite for experience that soon finds her spiraling downward in New York City. When the strain proves too much, Maeve becomes an involuntary patient in a remote psychiatric hospital, where she strikes up a friendship with an enigmatic young woman, who, like Maeve, is unable or unwilling to control her unladylike desire for freedom.

After her release, Maeve returns to Boston to start over again, landing a job at an antiques shop catering to the city’s wealthiest and most peculiar collectors. Run by an elusive English archeologist, the shop is a haven for the obscure and incredible, supplying one-of-a-kind artifacts to its customers while providing Maeve with unique access into the world of New England’s social elite. While delivering a purchase to a wealthy family, Maeve is introduced to beautiful socialite Diana Van der Laar—only to discover she’s the same young woman from the hospital.

Reunited with the charming but increasingly unstable Diana and pursued by her attractive brother James, Maeve becomes more and more entwined with the Van der Laar family—a connection that pulls her into a world of moral ambiguity and deceit. Bewitched by their wealth and desperate to leave her past behind, Maeve is forced to unearth her true values and discover just how far she’s willing to go to reinvent herself.

A rich, universal story of ambition, transformation, desire, and betrayal, Rare Objects is acclaimed writer Kathleen Tessaro’s finest work to date.
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My Review

Opening Rare Objects is like entering another world.  This exceptionally engrossing novel will transport you to Boston in the 1930's.  You will meet Maeve Fanning, who aspires to a life beyond her working class background, and who reinvents herself among the social elite in order to pursue a new future.

I love historical fiction and found the setting and time period of this book unique and interesting.  I rarely seem to find historical fiction set during the Depression Era.  

Maeve is an unusual character.  I did not always like her, but I always found her interesting, and I kept reading to see what would happen next, especially as she began work at the antiques shop and met Diana again.  Maeve's life in two worlds was fascinating.   I felt a bit of anxiety at times, worrying about Maeve and her double life.  As Maeve declares early in the novel:  "... if you can convince others, there's a chance that someday you might just be able to convince yourself" (p. xiii).

As a lifelong fan of all things vintage and antique, and a vintage seller, I especially loved the details of the antique shop, with the rare objects there, and the map with pins detailing the travels of the shop's mysterious owner.

The writing is beautiful.   I loved this passage, describing the antique shop, so much that I have to share it with you:

"There was a sense of solemnity and guardianship, like being in a library or a church.  And like a church, the shop had a muted, far-removed quality, as if it were somehow both part of and yet simultaneously annexed from the present day.  The essence of aged wood, silver polish, furniture oil, the infintesimal dust of other lives and other countries, hung in the air.  I could feel its weight around me, and its flavor lingered on my tongue.  Time tasted musty, metallic, and faintly exotic.  

Almost everywhere else, time was an enemy, the thief that rendered food rotten, dulled the bloom of youth, made fashions passe.  But here it was the precious ingredient that transformed an ordinary object into a valuable artifact - from paintings to thimbles" (p. 67).

The narrative of this story is so dense and detailed, but it moves quickly along, thanks to multi-faceted characters and well written dialogue.

Rare Objects is a rare book.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Author Bio

Kathleen Tessaro is the author of Elegance, Innocence, The Flirt, and The Debutante. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and son.

Find out more about Kathleen at her website and connect with her on Facebook.

I received this book from TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.