Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's All in the Name: Titles for eBay Book Listings

I like catchy titles -- they're fun and yes, they catch your attention.   But with eBay auctions, I believe what really matters is the facts -- with ample (appropriate) keywords.

Here are a few suggestions for book listings on eBay.

What is the title?
What is the publication date?  (see copyright page -- you are looking for the latest date mentioned)
Who was the author?
Is the illustrator memorable (i.e. N.C. Wyeth, Eloise Wilkin)?
Is it a hardcover (HC) or paperback (PB)?
Is it vintage (VTG)?
Will buyers be searching by book type -- i.e. Community Cookbook, Little Golden Book, etc.?
Is it signed?  Or a First Edition (1st)?

A couple of examples of titles from my own listings:
Farm Pets 1954 Junior Elf Book VTG Anna Ratzesberger
Question and Answer Book 1963 Mary Elting WONDER BOOK

I am not a fan of descriptive versus specific auction titles -- i.e. DARLING BEAGLE BOOK 1944.  That is not going to catch your buyer's attention if he or she is looking for a specific book (or author, or illustrator).

I am also not a fan of wasted words -- i.e. BEAUTIFUL, LOOK, MUST SEE.

In eBay titles, I believe it's best to follow the advice of Sgt. Joe Friday from Dragnet:   "Just the facts, ma'm."