Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carolyn Haywood Books

My favorite item of the day is Carolyn Haywood books for children.   Carolyn Haywood is one of my favorite vintage children's book writers.   I remember checking these chapter books out over and over again as a little girl from the small library in my neighborhood.  Even during my childhood (1960's - 1970's), these books were old fashioned and gave a nostalgic view of childhood during innocent baby boomer times.  They always reminded me a bit of the TV show Leave It to Beaver, with stories of the children's neighborhood adventures.  Carolyn Haywood grew up in Philadelphia and had a long life, from 1898 - 1990.    Her major series were the Betsy series (which I love!) and the Eddie series (also great).   She illustrated her own books.  I have a couple of her books (later printings) in my store -- Carolyn Haywood children's books at Birdhouse Books.  I highly recommend these books for anyone interested in vintage children's books.