Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dear Abby: Remembering Barney Fife (June 1, 1997 - September 16, 2014)

Dear Friends,

I am blogging on a different day this week because I want to remember my late beloved brother Barney Fife with you.  He passed away on this date a year ago.

Barney was around long before I was born.  He was a rescue dachshund.  His original owners loved him but didn't have the time or energy for an active puppy.  They placed Barney with a wonderful local rescue group, and that is where he met my Momma.

She says that Barney was sweet and loving from the first, and he was a perfect boy.  People use the word "perfect" a lot about Barney.  He was really special.   Here is a picture of him when he was just one year old.

This is Barney as I knew him years later, with a sweet white face.   Momma says his face was frosted.   It makes me happy to see him looking up like this.

He also loved to play ball!  This was his favorite ball, and I keep it by my dog bed, so I see it every day.

I met Barney when I was adopted in 2010.  We loved each other right away.  This is a photo of our first walk together.  Look how happy we were!

And here we were, the same week, curled up on the dog bed together.  Barney was a wonderful brother.  He liked to groom me, play with toys, and cuddle.  He was the best brother ever!

Barney got sick after his 17th birthday.  He developed pancreatitis and kidney failure.  It was too much for his little body.

Momma and I both miss Barney so much, and we think of him every day.  Today I am thinking of him even more.

With love,