Friday, April 10, 2009

"As Is"

Good day, eBay friends!

It's a gray Spring day here, and I've spent a little time browsing eBay auctions. I am seeing a lot of auctions with items in "as is" condition, with no returns offered. This troubles me, and needless to say, I skip by those auctions. Why do sellers include this in their terms? To me "as is, no returns" means:

"I am just putting this lot of books out and photographing them. I haven't gone through them to see if there is highlighting, or missing pages, or even a piece of gum stuck between pages. You need to send me a list of 20 questions to answer if you care about condition."

I just think this is very, very bad business. As a powerseller who also buys on ebay, this policy does not inspire confidence.

Any thoughts on the "as is" policy?