Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Fave: Shorpy Historical Photo Archive

Happy Friday!   My Friday Fave this week is one of my favorite websites.  Shorpy is a collection of vintage photos.  It is a gallery that you can scroll through or search by keyword, and you will find some amazing photos with information about the picture's history.  For instance, here are some fun photos that came up from a search for Christmas window:  vintage Christmas here.  This is the kind of photo that I especially enjoy:  a Woolworth dimestore Christmas display from the 1920's.  You can also sign up for a daily newsletter, with different photos featured daily.  

My father was a talented photographer, and I have always loved photography.  While I don't have a gift for taking beautiful photos, I do appreciate them.  They combine my interests in vintage artifacts and social history.   I have a small collection of vintage photos in my store (some are RPPC postcards):  vintage photos at Birdhouse Books.   The photo above is from my store, and it features a man with two English Springer Spaniel puppies.

Do you enjoy vintage photos?  What types of photography subjects interest you?