Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mailing Books Safely with Recycled Products

I am always looking for great ways to ship using recycled products.  I have a good way to ship books safely while using recycled materials.  I have had good success with this shipping method, as I have never had a package damaged in the mail.

First, I wrap the book in a clean plastic bag.  I feel this is important, especially as some areas (like the South, where I live) are much more humid.  This helps protect your book.

Then I tape the wrapped book to a piece of corrugated cardboard that is just a little bigger than the book size.  I get free, clean corrugated boxes at the liquor store in my neighborhood and cut them up, so I keep a stock of cardboard in the house.

If the book is more delicate, like a Wonder Book or Little Golden Book, I tape a layer of Bubble wrap over the unprotected wrapped book.

I then put the wrapped book in a manila envelope, tape with clear wide packing tape, and I am ready to print postage.

I love the printed postage from Paypal.  I print labels on regular computer paper and affix it to the package with clear wide tape.

I hope these book packaging suggestions are helpful!  If you have other green-wise packing suggestions, I would love to hear them as well.