Friday, March 18, 2016

Dear Abby - Meet Scotty (A Rescued Pet Spotlight)

Dear friends,
I hope you are having a good week!  It is still beautiful weather here, and yesterday I had an extra long walk and met a cat who was out walking as well!  How about that?!  I love kitties and the kitty, named Bella, was friendly with me as well. 

Today I have a beautiful kitty friend for you to meet.  Her name is Scotty and she has a dramatic rescue story!

Abby:  What is your background and how did you end up in rescue?
Scotty:  Hi, Abby! I'm a cat and I don't know any dogs personally, but my mom says they're good. My name is Scotty, although I'm a girl. I'll be 7 in just a couple of months!

I was very tiny when a lady named Eleanor found me curled up in the engine compartment of her car. I was scared and wouldn't come out, so Eleanor's son had to take some parts out of the car to get me. (I think he put them back later.) Eleanor cleaned me up a bit and took me down the street to some people she knew loved and helped animals - my new mom and dad!

The funny part was that they already had adopted a lot of furry and scaly guys and gals, so they weren't going to keep me - they planned to find me a nice home. Can you imagine? I fixed that fast, though. Right when they took me inside, I curled up in my future mom's lap and slept for an hour while they watched old Star Trek episodes (that's how I got my name). She said I stole her heart right then!  

Abby:  How were your first days at your new home?
Scotty:  It had been pretty scary and hard to find food when I was so young and on my own, so at first I went pretty wild whenever it was time to eat, and I'd climb Mom or Dad's legs and cry hysterically. I had some issues, ahem, with the whole litter box thing, too. They made me feel better by making sure I knew there was always going to be plenty of food for me, and putting my box in a nice spot. After a few weeks, I didn't get hysterical anymore!
Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things?
Scotty:  Two of my favorite things are my mom and dad. They call me their princess, and let me sleep on their pillows right on top of their heads, each in turn, which makes me purr a whole bunch. I like watching and helping them work, too. I sit on top of Mom's desk and make sure she's writing; she says I look like a "gargle," whatever that is. I also love my inside-the-house brothers, Sully and Vondel. We like to hang out. And my favorite activity of all is stealing (borrowing) things! I especially like to take keys, lip balm, pens, and bookmarks. The best time was when my Auntie Iris was taking care of us while the folks were away. I stole her whole key ring while she cleaned my box, and it took her an hour to find it! Ha!
Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet?

Scotty:  According to my mom, the best thing to do for rescued animals is to be patient and give them lots of love. She says it helps to remember that a lot of times, they're scared and lonely and maybe haven't been treated very nicely, so they have to have time to learn that they're safe. Even if they start out being kind of a pain in the neck (or leg) like I was, once they know they're at home with a family, they will turn out to be wonderful - like me!
Above:  Scotty cuddling with her brother, Sully.

Thank you, Scotty, for stopping by today!  I loved reading about your life.  You found a wonderful family!   I enjoyed reading about the way you like to borrow things.  That is very clever!

Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed meeting Scotty today.  I would love to spotlight your rescued pet as well.  Just let me know in the comments if your furbaby would like to be interviewed.  (Be sure to leave your email address!)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, with Spring just around the corner!

Love to all,

Abby xoxoxo