Friday, August 21, 2015

Dear Abby: Friday Fun

Dear Friends,

Hooray!  It's Friday.  I've looked forward to visiting with you here.  I have a couple of fun short questions to answer this week, and I also want to share a link with you.

This is a fun link that will cheer you up on a gloomy day.  There is an island off Japan that is populated by hundreds of wild bunnies.  I love bunnies!  I met a little neighbor girl's pet bunny and was friendly and sweet.  I love the pictures of the bunnies at this link, and thought you might enjoy them too:  Land of the Rising Bunny.  Thanks to my friend Dave for sending this link to me.

I also will share that I'm very excited because next week is my birthday ... that is always one of my favorite fun days!

Now on to our fun questions!

My friend Bob writes:  What is the proper way to ask for a belly rub? Should you wait for the human to offer or is it okay to just roll on your back and present your belly? 

Dear Bob,

I know you are a dachshund person ... so you know that for doxies there is no bad way to ask for a belly rub!   I am a great fan of them, and will roll over for extra attention at a moment's notice (see picture above).    As a matter of fact, I am thinking about doing this as soon as I finish writing this morning.

Love from Abby

My friend Ginger Rose (who is a beautiful dachshund) writes:  In the middle of the night this loud noise woke me up. I think the loud noise is called thunder boomers, and that made me angry. Each time it boomed I bark to tell it to stop and then Dad yelled "No Ginger" at me as if the booming was my fault. Abby, how do you feel about thunder boomers and have you figured out a way to get it to stop booming? 

Dear Ginger Rose,

That is an excellent question!   I do NOT like thunder boomers and would make them disappear forever if I could.  Has barking at them helped them disappear?  If it works, I would gladly join in.   I do not know how to get them to stop booming, but if you hear a magical secret, please let me know!

Love and hugs,

So friends ... you have it, two fun questions from good friends.   I would love to hear from YOU and answer your questions in upcoming weeks.  Please leave any questions or comments below.

Love to all,