Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vintage Valentines - 1950's to 1960's Die-Cut Cards

Working on some sweet Valentine listings today -- just wanted to share a few pictures with you!  These are all 1950's to 1960's die-cut cards for children (all unused).  They are in my store - vintage Valentine cards at Birdhouse Books.

Here's a little Jack Russell Terrier dog who enjoys bowling:

Mary and her little lamb have gone to school:

The little girl's an angel, but the little boy's a devil:

Yackety-Yak, an old fashioned teenager talks on the phone.  (This one reminds me of the telephone scene in Bye Bye Birdie!)

A cute little doll falls back into the arms of a brave toy soldier:

An adorable Terrier dog paints a message on a fence: