Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bonanzle - A Little Bit of Mayberry in the E-Commerce World

If Mayberry was an online shopping venue, Aunt Bee would be browsing pie cookbooks and pickle jars at Bonanzle, while Sheriff Andy Taylor looked for fishing tackle, and little Opie oohed and aahed over comic books and slingshots.

Bonanzle is such a homey and cheerful site that both buyers and sellers will find much to like.

It's beautifully designed -- see the handpicked lists that appear when you first visit the main page at Bonanzle.  This attention to detail follows throughout the site.

Not to be missed are the individual booths with a place to leave messages for the seller near the top of the page.  If you'd like to peek at my booth at Bonanzle, you'll see what I mean:  Birdhouse Books at Bonanzle.

Be sure to take a few minutes to stop by People at Bonanzle.  The forums are lively and friendly and overall a very positive place, and check out the "Say Hello To" feature in the bottom left side of the screen.  You can leave a friendly welcome to new members.  Nice!

I've been a Bonanzle member for a while, but after retooling many of my titles and prices at eBay, decided to delete my Bonanzle listings and re-import items from eBay to freshen my Bonanzle booth.

It took the better part of a day for my 2700+ eBay items to import to Bonanzle.  Then I spent the next afternoon updating shipping preferences.  This was very easy with the batch editor found at My Bonanzle (top of screen).  The site is intuitive and easy to navigate.   Unfortunately, my HTML did not translate over, so I lost my pretty templates, and only my first photo from eBay imported.

I have had several sales at Bonanzle in the past year, and the buyers have been uniformly nice.  Customer service is upbeat and responsive.  It's been a positive experience, and this is an ecommerce site that I would highly recommend.