Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday - 45's with stacker

Do you remember 45 RPM records?  And '45 stackers, like the one pictured here?  We used these on my little record player as we roller skated in the basement.  I remember the sound of the record dropping, the record player arm moving.  I haven't played vinyl in years (alas, I know - my loss!), but this sound was such a part of my childhood.  

Did you grow up with 45's?  I'd love to hear your memories in the comments, below.

Daily Vintage - Learn to Listen, Speak and Write 1964 Reader

Learn to Listen, Speak and Write is a 1964 Scott Foresman reader that goes along with the New Basic Readers.  (Those are the classic readers that introduced children to Dick and Jane.)  The illustrations in this book are so cute and baby boomer in vintage.  You can see more at:  Learn to Listen, Speak and Write at Birdhouse Books.