Friday, April 22, 2016

Dear Abby - Meet Cosmo, Max, Whipper, and Snapper (A Rescue Pet Spotlight)

Dear Friends,

I am so excited!   Kitties are visiting the blog this week.  I love cats and am so happy to introduce you to FOUR cats from the same family!   

Meet Cosmo and Max

Cosmo and Max are Siamese cats who have lived together their whole lives.  They are 16+ years old. 

This is Cosmo:

This is Max:

Abby:  What is your background and how did you end up in rescue?

Cosmo and Max:  Well some lady bought us separately when we were just tiny little kittens and kept us together. But she ended up, in 4 years having 4 kids under 5 and when she got pregnant with #5, she decided Daddy had to give us up. We were too much work for her.

So she had a rescue put an ad on Petfinders for us and said we had to stay together.

Mommy’s cats had all died but one old raggedy black cat (Twilley was 14 when they came..MOM) so she needed some cats to love cause she’s been a cat lover forever. She paid the rescue service the adoption fee and came to the other lady's house and fell in love with us both. Her family came too and they brought us home. 

Abby: How were your first days at your new home?

Cosmo and Max:  We screamed the whole way here and for like a week we lived under the big bed. But we finally relaxed with all the good food and toys and petting. 

Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things?

Cosmo:  We’ve been here a long time now and we love the whole family but my special human is Dad. Max’s special human is Mike – Mom’s son.  (Mom loves on both of us and we take naps on her electric blanket.)  But Dad and me, we used to play catch with paper trash balls and those rattley mice. And I used to jump up on Dad’s shoulders all the way from the ground and then he’d walk around with me sitting there like a prince or something. I’m blind now but I still play with the rattley mice and chase that red light thing mom got for the little girl cat.

Max spends time with Mike, sleeping in his room and watching TV with him. He even moved to FiIladelfia with Mike for a long time. But they both came back after some unhappy circumstances and I’m happy cause I missed him and Mike. Max thinks he’s in charge and he “patrols” and protects the house and yard from the possum monster and those stupid squirrels. 

Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet? 

Cosmo:  Just do it. I’m so glad we never had to live in one of those cage things. I’m a Siamese. I don’t belong in that kind of place. And now I’m old – I wouldn’t like it. Everyone please go rescue a pet today – no pet should have to be alone in a cage… that’s so sad. 

Abby: Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to?

Cosmo and Max:  Well, Mommy got us on Petfinders and Cats Bridge to Rescue helped her with the girl cats we share the house with. So yep – them. 

Meet Whipper and Snapper

Whipper and Snapper live with Cosmo and Max.  They are girl cats, and 4.5 years old.

This is Whipper:
This is Snapper:

Abby: What is your background and how did you end up in rescue?
Whipper and Snapper:  We were born in 2011 when it was hot. Mom saw us under the big thing in the “driveway” and fell in love with us and our whole family at first sight. And she had to bury our one brother who died. That’s when she decided to feed all of us so we wouldn’t die. And she did for a long long time. BUT there was a big big big rainstorm that made water go everywhere and we sat outside and yelled for her to get us some food that wasn’t water-logged. She did. But our mama and our other sisters never came back after the big wet. Mom even built us a little tent on her porch for the cold and the rain but she didn’t think it was working (Whipper says it wasn’t ) so she made Dad come out with these hot things to put under our covers and keep us warm. That was nice but when it was winter almost, it wasn’t doing the job so one day, she put our food in a big box and when we went in to get it, she trapped us and wouldn’t let us go back out. She took us to the doctor and now she says we’re princesses… umph!  Always were. 

Abby:  How were your first days at your new home? 

Whipper and Snapper: Scary cause the humans kept touching our furs and the other boy cats didn’t like us. But we’ve convinced the boys that we’re ok. And now I like having head rubs and Dad petting me. (Snapper says Whipper sold out..because she’s always mushing up to Cosmo and sometimes even Max!)

The kitties' Mom, Beth adds:  "For the record, Whipper lived under the china closet behind 40 boxes of eBay stuff except for meals and potty breaks for like 8 mos. Still doesn’t let us pet her ... or even touch her ... or get too close. BUT she shows up on time for meals and plays with me with trash balls and the laser beam."
Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things?

Whipper:  Cosmo… he lets me sleep with him and mom bought me a red light beam to chase.

Snapper:  I like Dad, he fixes the curtains so I can look out and fluffs the blankets on the sofa at night so I’m warm - and I love the food.

Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet? 

Whipper and Snapper:  Find a nice cat and take them home and feed them lots of good stuff.

Abby:  Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to?

Whipper and Snapper:  Cats Bridge to Rescue cause they spayed us and got us our first shots.

Thank you so much for visiting today, Cosmo, Max, Whipper, and Snapper!  I loved meeting you all and learning about your lives.  You found a GREAT home.

Dear friends, if you would like to leave a message for these beautiful kitties, or if you have a rescued cat or dog who would like to be share a rescue story, please let me know in the comments below.

Love and a happy weekend to you all,

Abby xoxoxo


Pellerini said...

Such cute kitties! I miss my rescue cat! Harley was awesome and gave us 16 years of love!

Becky Ginther said...

Oh my goodness, such pretty cats. And the story about Whipper and Snapper and their family almost had me tearing up. I'm glad someone was at least able to rescue them and help them.

The DSRS of our lives said...

The girls are in their glory - they and the boys thank you for such a wonderful story about them. And I love abby's pictures.

Unknown said...

Such sweet kitties with such great little stories. It's so nice that they have found a loving home where they can all be together. There is nothing quite like being able to give a home to an animal.

ghost said...

god bless all kitties & kitty lovers.. :)

Jasmine @ The Jasmine Maria said...

I'm not a cat lover since I'm allergic to them :/ but if I wasn't I would love some black cats in the home. I find them so pretty.

Abby said...

Dear Friends,

Thanks for visiting and reading about my kitty friends.

Beth, a special thanks for sharing your kitties' stories here!