Friday, October 30, 2020

Dear Abby - Vintage Halloween Dog Photos

Dear Friends,

Boo! It is almost Halloween. Do you have special plans this year?  My Momma said there will not be trick or treaters this year, so we are going to enjoy a movie and some fun time at home.  I am not a big fan of people knocking at the door (especially again and again!) so I am not complaining about this.

I wanted to share some vintage Halloween photos that feature dogs.  The first is my favorite.  It is a little girl dressed up as a clown - and her Chihuahua is right beside her, in a clown costume as well!  I bet they got lots of treats!

This photo features a boy dressed up for Halloween.  I am not sure what he is supposed to be but his costume seems to advertise dog food!  His dog is very cute and has on a costume that says CARNIVAL.

This photo features another little clown -- who also has a dog dressed up as a clown.

This very young child is dressed up as an elf and her dog did not have to wear a costume!  Now that is a good Halloween.

Here is a cute little Boston Terrier in a sailor costume!

This is one of my favorites - a pretty Cocker Spaniel wears a witch's hat and carries her own Jack O' Lantern for treats.

I hope you enjoyed these photos and hope you have a very Happy Halloween!   I look forward to chatting with you again soon here.


Abby xoxoxo


Amy Hueston said...

Dear Abby, This is Sweet Pea, the dog from PAWS FOR CONCERN, A CANINE CONFECTIONS MYSTERY. I want to tel yu that I liked wery much your piktures. (I'm sorry my big paws misspelk words on this conputer.) I liked your pickturz but the clown ones scared me. Pkease do not put clown picturz anymore. Thank yu.
Sweet Pea

Aliceson said...

Dear Abby:
Emily and I love the sweet pea dog. The little Rascals was my Moms favorite show when she was younger..
We loved the cute photos of all the dogs on Halloween.

Have a Good Halloween Abby

Aliceson And Emily

Abby said...

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed reading your comments.

Sweet Pea, how fun to hear from you! It is extra nice to hear from another dog here. Your book sounds great! I am not sure about clowns either, by the way.

Aliceson and Emily, my Momma also loved the Little Rascals when she was little. Hope you both had a good Halloween!

Abby xoxoxo