Friday, March 8, 2019

Dear Abby - Dog Songs: Bird Dog by The Everly Brothers (1958)

Dear Friends,

I'm glad you stopped by today!  I have another "dog" song to share with you today.  This song is called "Bird Dog" and it's by The Everly Brothers.  It was a hit on both the country and pop charts in 1958, so it is an oldies song now.   The Everly Brothers were Don and Phil.  They spent most of their growing up years in Iowa and Tennessee.  They were discovered by country music great Chet Atkins, a friend of the family.  They later had great success in the 1950's, touring with Buddy Holly, and into the 1960's.

"Bird Dog" is a song about a boy named Johnny who is a "bird dog," trying to steal the singer's girlfriend away from him.   It was remade later by the Newbeats (1966), glam rockers Mud (1975), and the Bellamy Brothers (1978).

Of course, I have to tell you that although this song isn't ACTUALLY about a dog, I wanted to listen to it because it had "Bird Dog" in the title.  Bird dogs are dogs that hunt game -- pointers, retrievers, and spaniels.

I found an old video of the song in a medley with another Everly Brothers hit called "Till I Kissed You."  I hope you enjoy it!

I would love to hear from you in the comments, below.   I look forward to visiting again next week with you!


Abby xoxoxo 


Aliceson said...

Dear Abby:
We loved the bird dog song it was cute.
It’s suppose to real nice here 60 and 70 through next week and my Mommy is happy as we don’t like cold at all no fun.
We hope you have a great weekend.
Aliceson and Haley Kay

Abby said...

Aliceson, thanks for stopping by! I hope you and Haley are having a good weekend!


Unknown said...

I've never heard of this song before! I'm not big on oldies, but I asked my grandmother if she knew this song and she does! haha