Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage Sewing Patterns

Do you enjoy sewing?  I learned to sew with my Mom when I was growing up, and I enjoyed sewing in home ec in high school.   Sorry to say, I have not kept up with sewing clothes, although it is something I would love to pick up again at some point.   (I do still enjoy embroidery.)

I have started finding and listing vintage sewing patterns the past few months.  Most of the ones I have found are from the 1960's - 1970's.   It is a lot of fun looking at the patterns and the different fashions that were popular.   I think it would be great fun to sew using the older patterns (maybe with some vintage fabric and buttons, too??).

I've started a little "vintage patterns" department at Etsy, and I will be adding more regularly.  You can find the patterns here:  vintage sewing patterns at Birdhouse Books.


mymomsbooks said...

Vintage patterns are fun to sell.
Styles you remember..

Birdhouse Books said...

That is what I like about vintage sewing patterns, too -- same as old magazine ads. Sort of like a trip down memory lane :-)