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Book Review and Giveaway - Murder Under A Honey Moon: A 1930s Mona Moon Historical Cozy Mystery by Abigail Keam

My Review
Murder Under a Honey Moon is a historical mystery about Mona Moon and Robert Farley, who are traveling on a 1930's ocean liner for their honeymoon.  After Mona's jewelry is stolen and the main suspect is murdered, they decide to investigate the case.

I wanted to read Murder Under a Honey Moon because I enjoy both historical mysteries and cozy mysteries, and this book falls into both genres.  The 1930's setting (unusual for me with historical reads) and long ago ocean liner travel was appealing.

This book is part of the Mona Moon series.  I have not read the other books (yet!) but had no problem enjoying this mystery as a standalone read.

I thoroughly enjoyed this smart, well written mystery.  The 1930's historical details were interesting.  I especially liked the ocean travel and the inclusion of characters like Noel Coward, Martha Gellhorn, and Unity Mitford, one of the Mitford sisters.  The snappy dialogue in the book was delightful!

The mystery plot was well done and kept me guessing.  I enjoyed Mona and Robert as amateur sleuths.

I am glad to learn about this mystery series, as I enjoyed Murder Under a Honey Moon and look forward to reading further with the series.  I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys historical mysteries, cozy mysteries, and 1930's settings.

Book Synopsis
Mona Moon and her new husband, Robert Farley, Duke of Brynelleth, are on their honeymoon at last. They have just boarded the RMS Majesty ocean liner. The couple are looking forward to visiting Robert’s ancestral English home, Brynelleth, and then off to Paris before winding up on the Italian Riviera. After a romantic evening of dancing until the wee hours of the night, Mona and Robert discover their suite has been ransacked and Mona’s jewelry, supposedly secured in their stateroom, has been stolen.

Mona is horrified, as some of the jewelry belongs to the Brynelleth Estate and were cherished pieces of Robert’s mother. The ship’s crew searches the ocean liner, and a gold brooch turns up in a bartender’s cabin. It is the same bartender who served Mona earlier in the evening. The only problem is the bartender has been murdered and the rest of the jewelry is still missing.

Author Bio
Award-winning author Abigail Keam writes the Mona Moon Mystery Series—a rags-to-riches 1930s mystery series, which includes real people and events into the story line. “I am a student of history and love to insert historical information into my mysteries. There is an addendum at the end of the mystery to give more information. My goal is to entertain my readers, but if they learn a little something along the way—well, then we are both happy.”

Miss Abigail currently lives on the Palisades bordering the Kentucky River in a metal house with her husband and various critters.


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