Friday, May 11, 2018

Dear Abby - Favorite Dog Movies: Honorable Mentions

Dear Friends,

I really have enjoyed visiting with you here and talking about dog movies.  It has been fun chatting about these movies, especially some of my personal favorites like One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, and The Ugly Dachshund.

When I started this project, friends sent in many wonderful dog movie suggestions!  I wanted to mention some other movies that were recommended by readers:

Where the Red Fern Grows - sad movie about a boy and two hunting Coonhounds (1961)
Beethoven - a Saint Bernard dog leads to family adventures (1992).
Marley and Me - a couple's life with their Lab, through his whole lifespan (2008).
My Dog Skip - a Jack Russell changes a boy's life in the 1940's (2000).
All Dogs Go to Heaven - a dog casino owner returns to earth from Heaven (1989). 
Turner and Hooch - a police officer inherits a dog.  (1989)
K-9 - comedy about a police officer working with a drug-sniffing dog (1989).
Firehouse Dog - a Hollywood dog is adopted by firefighters (2007).
Rin Tin Tin - series of movies about a brave German Shepherd (1922 - 1947).
Best in Show - comedy set in the dog show world (2000).
Because of Winn Dixie - a lonely girl adopts a dog named Winn Dixie (2005).
Beverly Hills Chihuahua- a spoiled Beverly Hills Chihuahua is lost in Mexico (2008).
The Artist - making a silent movie, featuring a Jack Russell Terrier (2011).
Beginners - a man inherits his father's Jack Russell (2010).

I have seen a few of these movies (Beethoven, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Turner and Hooch, Best in Show, and Beginners).  I still want to see My Dog Skip, Because of Winn Dixie, and The Artist.

Have you seen any of these movies, or do you have other dog movies that you particularly enjoy?


Abby xoxoxo


Ruth said...

Aww, I loved Beethoven when I was younger and I remember going to see Marley and Me at the cinema and crying! It's such a sweet film, though.

Ruth |

Candy Hinchey said...

Thank you Abby. I love the same ones you do. Lady and the Tramp is probs my my 2nd fab after Ugly Dachshund

Lily (Beauty With Lily) said... little Charlie looks like the pup from My Dog Skip...gotta watch it!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching so many of these movies when I was a kid. Homeward Bound is probably my favorite. :)

Jerry Marquardt said...

I loved Turner and Hooch. Tom Hanks was the perfect star choice and that pup, how cute can it get. Even though I do not drink, I thought it was a funny scene where the pup gets into the fridge and opens a can of beer and destroys the house, and a speaker, how funny?!?

Indya | The Small Adventurer said...

I haven't seen any of these movies, but I HAVE read Marley & Me and loved it! Super sad, though. That's always a worry when watching movies or reading books about animals, I just can't stand anything bad happening to them!

ericaligenza said...

I saw Marley & Me a long time ago - but that's it!

Abby said...

Thanks for visiting, friends! I enjoyed reading your comments about these movies. It looks like I have some movie viewing to catch up with!

Abby xoxoxo