Friday, December 9, 2016

Dear Abby - Pet Meet and Greet: Neo, Rusty, Skye, Remy and Sonny

Dear Friends,
Welcome from the very chilly south!  It is feeling very wintry here, and putting me in a holiday mood.

This week we have a wonderful family who stopped by the blog to visit.  Our Doxieposse friend, De, brought her dogs Neo, Rusty, Skye, Remy and Sonny.  They are beautiful dogs and have wonderful stories!

Abby:  I'm so glad you all stopped by.  I know my readers would love to hear about your pets.

De:  First, thanks so very much for wanting to include my crew. We all appreciate the invite. The crew consists of 4 Dachshunds and a Golden. Skye, a long hair wild boar, is the oldest, she will be 16 in January of 2017. Rusty is 14 and a chocolate dapple. Neo is 12 and a double dapple, and the puppy is Remy. He's a soft wire and will be 1 year old in February 2017. And last but not least Sonny will be 3 in February 2017. 

Abby:  Is there a story behind any of your pets' names?
De:  There's not really any stories about the crews' names except for Sonny. My first golden was named Sunny. He was a stray that was found & we got him from an ad on a grocery store wall . He lived 16 1/2 years , passing in 2000.  He was a very special pup. I knew that I wanted another golden but was a bit hesitant with the doxies. Once I found him I knew that I would end up calling him Sunny because that's what the old brain would do. So to avoid confusion, (his & mine) we named him Sonny. 

Abby: You have a wonderful family of pups!  I would love to hear more about them.
De:  Skye & Sonny are registered therapy dogs. Skye has been since she was 4 years old & Sonny just finished his first year. And can he work a room! Skye is also a certified Crisis Response Dog. She has responded to several disaster sites. But at 16 years of age I don't ask that much of her now. It's Sonny's turn to pay it forward.


Rusty and Neo are rescues. Rusty is happiest walking his yard to keep the elephants away. And I must say he's been very successful. Not one elephant sighting in his 12-year watch. Neo is deaf. He was going to be put to sleep because the breeders couldn't " use" him anymore. He is the happiest little guy around. Just throw his ball and give him a lap and he's golden!

Remy is the puppy. And what a hoot! He's a bundle of happiness. He also thinks Sonny is his personal play toy. Remy will run from one end of the house & jump on Sonny at full speed. They run & play and wear each other out. Which is extremely funny to watch as Remy weighs about 17 pounds & Sonny tips the scales at 90 lbs. But Sonny was brought up to respect the little ones, and he thinks he's a dachshund anyway.

Abby:  Thank you so much for visiting!  I really enjoyed learning more about your wonderful fur-kids.  I can just picture Rusty on elephant watch, and Remy and Sonny happily playing!  Readers, you can leave comments or questions for De or her pups in the comments section, below.

Thank you all so much for stopping by!  I hope you have a great weekend, and stay warm!


Abby xoxoxo


Neely said...

Oh my gosh so many cute pups!

Catherine Short said...

What a blessing to have a family dog for 16.5 years!

barbarakwrites said...

I love this blog, Abby. I have known De on social media for several years, but didn't know all this about her pack. What a wonderful pack she has! Again, another heartwarming post about pets and their people. Just what we all need to read more about, please keep sharing with us, Abby!

Unknown said...

Aw this was such a sweet post! We consider our pups true members of the family so I really enjoyed this

Beth | Daily Dog Tag said...

What an awesome family! Therapy dogs are so amazing and I imagine it would really cheer anyone up to see a Dachshund therapy dog!

Mistle said...

Doxies are my weakness. I have two. They are amazing dogs. Never a dull moment with them!

Lou Lou Girls said...

What sweet fury family members you have!

Tretre said...

Such beautiful pets. Pets can really brighten up your day like no one else can.

Abby said...

Hi friends,

Thank you so much for stopping by! I enjoyed reading your comments. Hope you have a great day!