Friday, June 17, 2016

Dear Abby - Meet Emma (A Rescued Pet Spotlight)

Dear Friends,

How is your week?  Is it hot in your part of the world?  It is very hot here in the deep south.  I am enjoying extra time in front of fans, which are in every room here.   I am also grateful for air conditioning!  I do not like hot weather, and will sometimes lie on the foot of the bed about two feet from a fan.

In other news, a tree surgeon came to my neighborhood and worked on a tree.  Then there was a big wood chipper right out front of my house and it made a fearsome noise!

On a much happier note, I have a beautiful little friend to introduce you to today.  Emma is a 2 year old Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix).  As a proud Doxie mix (Dachshund/Jack Russell), I love Chiweenies, and my Momma does too!

Abby:  What is your background and how did you end up in rescue? 

Emma:  Not much is known about my story. I was found with my sisters and brother and we didn't have a mom. We were brought back to Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN and united with Snow, who became our surrogate mom. Snow was a great mom until we could be on our own even though she was heartworm positive. We stayed with her until we were all old enough and then we went to different fosters home until we could be adopted.   (Emma and Mama Snow pictured below.)

Abby:  How were your first days at your new home? 
Emma:  It only took me a few minutes to get used to my new space because I'm pretty saucy. I was introduced to my two new brothers, Monte and Roscoe. Even though I was smaller than them they didn't treat me with kid gloves and we started playing and rough housing right away. My Mom and Dad let me sleep in bed with them and I quickly found out they were going to treat me like the tomboy princess I am.
Abby:  What are a few of your favorite things? 
Emma:  I love cuddling up with my humans or my siblings (in addition to my brothers, my humans just adopted a doxie named Raya from the same rescue I'm from!), meeting new foster siblings, carrying around my favorite toys (the wubba, spike ball, or chew ring), and getting ANY and ALL attention from everyone I meet.
Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet? 
Emma:  My humans foster so I get to meet new foster siblings and teach them all about living in a home. Each new sibling is different - some of them warm up right away and others can be shy. Sometimes you have to go slow when someone new comes to a new space because it can be scary. It's kind of like if you went to a new country and you didn't speak the language and everything was loud and unknown. So if you adopt a rescue pet just remember that there will be a transition period. Go at their pace!

Abby:  Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to ?  
Emma: Good Karma Animal Rescue of MN. They're a small but mighty rescue that help the hardest cases - seniors, bonded seniors, animals that have medical issues, etc. The rescue is foster based and runs on donations, so volunteers and helps is always welcome.
What a wonderful rescue story!   Emma, thank you so much for visiting today.  I love it that your humans foster.  That is great, and you get to make lots of new pupper friends that way, too.
Dear friends, if you have any comments of questions for Emma, or if you would like to be featured here, please leave a comment below.
Thank you for visiting!  Have a good weekend!
Abby xoxoxo 


Chaza said...

Emma is so adorable. It's great to see her happy in her new home with her parents. Thank you for sharing about Emma.

chantelle said...

Loved "meeting" Emma!! I have heard many good things about Good Karma since I am in Minnesota. When I retire (many years down the road) I want to start fostering too. Emma has herself a good loving forever home!

Rachel said...

Aw! I have such a soft spot in my heart for dachshunds so I loved being able to meet Emma! So glad you found your forever home, little lady!

Unknown said...

Rescue pets are the way to go. My siamese shorthair mix Felix was left on the side of the road, infested with fleas and worms before we took him in. Now he is the most snuggly, furry, HEALTHY and happy kitty I could have ever wanted. I loved seeing Emma find her forever home.

Travel Pockets (Crystal) said...

Oh my goodness! Your new chiweenie is super duper cute!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! What a cutie pie!!!!

Unknown said...

Such beautiful fur babies. I have 4 dogs too :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Emma says thank you for having her! She also would like everyone to know that since this interview she has become a little sister AGAIN to another rescue from Good Karma, Raya. Emma now has two brothers and a sister, on top of all the foster siblings that come and go.

ericaligenza said...

Emma is so cute, and this is such a creative interview idea! ;)

Coming Up Roses

Unknown said...

How adorable! I have a chiweenie that I rescued off the streets named peanut. I am so happy that she has some great foster parents and is doing well!

Abby said...

Thanks all for stopping by. Krysten, how neat that Emma now has a new sister!