Monday, October 27, 2014

Music Monday - "Electric Blue" by Icehouse (1987)

This week's Music Monday song is "Electric Blue" by Icehouse.   It was a new wave/synthpop hit in 1987.   I hadn't heard this song in years until I heard it by chance on the radio a few days ago.  It was a fun musical flashback to my college years.

This song was written by Icehouse band member Iva Davies and John Hall (of Hall and Oates).  I think it actually has a Hall and Oates sound.

I watched very little tv in the 1980's, so most music videos are new to me.  I'd never seen this one before, and it is a throwback.  The lead singer has a very serious '80's mullet!   I hope you enjoy this musical time travel as much as I did.

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