Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodies from another estate sale

A few more goodies to share you from the latest estate sale I went to.   These are just from the first box (more to come!).   I love this vintage hand puppet -- what a cute little Beagle dog!

A huge lot of vintage Christmas stickers and gummed seals, 1960s era:

Many vintage craft and sewing books and booklets.  This Bondex Learn-How book has cute ideas for appliques on children's clothes:

A set of Magic Bow vintage gift wrap booklets:

Great retro housewife illustrations in this booklet -- What You Should Know About Frozen Foods:

A cookbook from Rich's Department Store cooking school in Atlanta (1979):

The Co-Ed Cookbook, a charming 1967 teen cookbook from Scholastic Books:

Coronet Magazine, Christmas cover from 1963 - great vintage ads and articles:

Flavors of Florida, a 1960's vintage Delta Air Lines cookbook -- great mod cover:

Monga Ma's Legacy, a rare 1974 Georgia cookbook:

As always, these goodies are in my store:  Birdhouse Books ... hope you'll stop by!

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