Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet Beth from DepressionGlassWarehouse

Hi all!

As promised, I am going to start a series of interviews with successful eCommerce sellers this week. Many sell at eBay, but others sell at Amazon, Bonanzle, etc. I think you will find their interviews interesting!

Today I would like to introduce Beth. Beth specializes in depression glass, and she has a wonderful broad knowledge of antiques and collectibles.

Your eBay name: I have two – main one is WOADIELAND and 2nd one is superjunk

Link to your store:

What first sparked your interest in eBay? Years ago customers at my brick and mortar store said “you should be on eBay” so I am.

What do you sell? A lot of books, lot of Depression Glass, a lot of china and then what ever else I find.

Where do you find the items you sell? – Auctions primarily

What advice would you have for a new seller? Start slow, be VERY customer oriented.

How did you come up with the name of your eBay store? We had a LOT more Depression Glass and I was going to sell that exclusively. But depression glass is slow right now.


Kat Simpson said...

Good interview! Thanks so much!

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks Kat! The eBay interviews have been a lot of fun ... it is neat to learn about friends' stores.

Shell Russell said...

Great interview! It is fun, isn't it?!

Shell Russell said...

Great interview...they are fun aren't they?!