Friday, January 13, 2023

Daisy's Gotcha Day!

Hi friends!

It's been a year since Daisy came to live with me. Daisy is a two year old (could be a smidge younger) Corgi mix who was found as a stray and taken to the county shelter.  When I met her she immediately leaned up against me and sighed. It was a done deal - at that point I knew she was coming home with me!  The photo above is from Daisy's first night here.

Things were a bit overwhelming at first as Daisy learned to walk on a leash, potty outdoors, and to try to remember that the world is not her chew toy (she still needs occasional reminders about chewing!).  It was a difficult year for me personally, as my Mom passed away and there were many changes in my life.  But at the year went on, Daisy and I bonded more and more.

Daisy taught me the joy of long walks, the pleasure that can be found in stopping to explore nature, the happiness of making friends with animals and people as we are out exploring.   She is a loving little girl who loves to sit on my lap or right beside me, and who cuddles up in bed at night.

I am beyond grateful for her and hope we have many more happy years together!


(with much love to Daisy!)


Linda B said...

Such a wonderful message.~~sending warm hugs to Trish and Daisy~~a perfect pair.~~from Linda and Lady

Rae Rowe said...

Happy Gotcha Day Miss Daisy. You are so very lucky to have Mama Trish. She is so very special to me. And you are too, because you are part of her life and make her so happy. You both have a lovely day today. Know Mama has special treats for you.

Birdhouse Books said...

Thank you, Linda!! Hugs to Lady from us.

Trish and Daisy

Me_imperturbe said...

Daisy has bee the absolute best dog, when she remembers! So happy she came into your life!

Birdhouse Books said...

Rae, thanks, you are such a sweet friend! Hugs to your pups from me and Daisy.

Birdhouse Books said...

Dave, LOL about "when she remembers." I am not sure I will share that with her. I am very happy she came into my life too!