Friday, September 9, 2022

Introducing Daisy

Hi all,

I haven't posted a personal update in a long while here, so wanted to catch up.  Longtime blog readers will remember my sweet, very dear Abby, who posted a weekly blog column here.  Abby passed away in December, and the house felt so empty without her.  Sooner than anticipated, I began looking for a rescue dog to love.

I met Daisy, a just under one year old Corgi mix, at our local county shelter.  She was sweet and absolutely terrified.  (The shelter is wonderful but full of big dogs and lots of comings and goings - a lot for a little dog who was rescued as a stray off the street.)  When I reached down to pet her she leaned against me, and I knew she should be mine.

There was a delay bringing Daisy home because she had to be spayed and vetted before her release.  She got home and I realized she had no training.  We were starting from scratch with leash training, potty training, chewing and puppy destructiveness, and separation anxiety.  My beloved Mom entered hospice just after this time ... it was a lot at once, and I was pretty overwhelmed.

Daisy and I took things in small steps.  She took to leash training easily.  I learned ways to redirect her from chewing, the power of frequent walks for potty training and puppy energy, and literally leaving 5 minutes at a time to tackle separation anxiety.  (We have made great progress with this!)

It took Daisy a while to settle in.  But she did!  Slowly but surely.

She loves having her own little bed - as well as sleeping in "the big bed" (my bed) at night.

She is always ready for a snuggle!

Although our long, frequent walks were a real adjustment for me at first, they turned into a blessing.  Daisy loves EVERYONE: adults, children, dogs (big and small), and cats.  I have joked that it is like the Beatles coming to town when I take her outside where kids are playing - they naturally flock around her.  Daisy made friends;  I made new friends too.  It is not unusual for us to walk with neighbors and their dogs, or even with a neighbor's friendly indoor-outdoor cat who likes to tag along.

And she is a champion lap sitter, with my friends as well as me!

Daisy ready for a rest - maybe.

In a year that has been long and difficult, I know that there are still long walks and naps -- and there is Daisy.


And that is a very good thing.



Anonymous said...

Sweet Daisy! So glad you are in your forever home.

Linda B said...

Oh Trish - what a wonderful report. I am so soooooooooo glad the way things have worked out. I feel guilty because I suggested early on that you might consider giving up on her. I hope you ca forgive me for that. You have done a fantastic job and are a truly gifted momma to her.

~~~head hung down in shame,

Aliceson said...

Miss Daisy you are such a sweetheart and you are much loved ❤️❤️❤️������

Rae said...

Love you sweet Miss Daisy. You bring joy to your Mama's life. You were meant to be together.

Frank Iuston said...

Great post Trish and Daisy looks so cute! I knew she would settle down. When Vania and I got Rexy we went through the same thing - but he settled down and its been 10 wonderful years with him…and as the old song says..”I wouldn’t have missed it for the world”.

Me Imperturbe said...

She is the BEST dog, and learning...glad to see you blogging again!

Me Imperturbe said...

She is the BEST dog, and learning...glad to see you blogging again!

Birdhouse Books said...

Belated thanks, friends! I appreciate you all stopping by.

Linda, you were being concerned as a friend and I appreciate you.

Frank, that is great to hear about how well your sweet Rex settled down. Daisy definitely has calmed down quite a bit since I adopted her -- but she still has lots of energy.

D - thanks! Daisy bonded with you right away.