Friday, October 29, 2021

Dear Abby - Dachshund Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween

Happy Halloween, dear friends!

It has been a while since I posted here. I had intended to post the first week of every month, but decided to wait a little longer for Halloween in October. I hope you are doing well and having a great fall.

I went on a search to look at dachshund Jack O' Lanterns on Pinterest and I sure found some fun ones!  I thought you would enjoy seeing them too.

This is a very intricate carving - look at that face!

This is a clever idea and looks easier to do -- a dachshund silhouette painted across two pumpkins: 

A dachshund silhouette on a pumpkin:

A dachshund face carved in a Jack O' Lantern - with a dachshund checking it out!

The same design with another dachshund friend:

Ooh - my favorite! Look at all that light! A Jack O'Lantern in three parts with a cute little dachshund:

A dachshund silhouette carved into a pumpkin:

A cute dachshund face on this Jack O' Lantern:

Fun! A dachshund in a witch hat on this Jack O' Lantern:

If you are more ambitious than me and my Momma (!), I found two good links with free dog theme Jack O' Lantern stencils:

Better Homes and Gardens - 24 dog breed stencils

The Pumpkin Lady - cute dog stencils, including one of my favorite dachshund designs

Whether you carve a Jack O' Lantern or not, I hope your Halloween involves lots of TREATS!!  Thanks for popping by and I will try to post again sooner next time.

Love and Halloween greetings,





Anonymous said...

WOW-Ms Abby - you and your mom sure do find neat stuff. These carvings are amazing!

luv, lady in DE

The DSRS of our lives said...

Great ideas for pumpkins. Happy Halloween Abby and Trish!

Aliceson said...

Emily went to vet today she doesn’t have orange shirt so wore her red and black shirt today need to buy her a orange shirt. She said once get a hard freeze can get shot every other month.
We will have quiet night Halloween.

We love the carvings but couldn’t do it..

Have a good weekend ��❤️
Aliceson and Emily

Rae said...

Oh I love all the dachshund pumpkins. There are some very talented people out there. Hope all have a Happy Halloweiner.
Rae, Katie Anne and Trinity in Colorado

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I really appreciate you stopping by. A Happy November to you too!