Friday, April 2, 2021

Dear Abby - Vintage Easter Cards With Dogs

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter and Happy Spring! I found some sweet vintage Easter cards, postcards, and children's book illustrations that feature dogs. They make me happy and I thought you might enjoy them too.

This postcard has a dachshund popping up to meet a friendly bunny rabbit.


Vintage Easter postcard with a circus theme -- one of the dachshunds is dressed like a clown!

A little girl dresses her cocker spaniel in an Easter bonnet. They are surrounded by chicks!

The next two postcards feature a little brown and white dog meeting a friendly chick. This dog looks like one of my dog friends, so I especially like these cards!

A vintage Easter card with a hound dog delivery boy:

I believe the same dog is pictured in both the following postcards. He found some giant Easter eggs!

Two little Jack Russell terriers watch a chick hatch on this postcard.

A Jack Russell Terrier eats a carrot that two bunnies want!

This vintage Easter postcard features a big Saint Bernard and a little girl.

A Scottie dog takes some Spring flowers to a friend:

A dog, cat, and bunny rabbit are painting an Easter egg when a chick hatches. What a surprise!

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or just enjoying Spring.  💗


Abby xoxoxo


83 Ranch said...

Please know that I really enjoy your blog and wish I had more time to read it each time it comes out. I commute an hour to work each way, so I am out of my house for ten hours five days a week. Today I made myself find time to de-stress a little by reading a few blogs that I missed. Please keep up the good work, and know that just because one does not comment does not mean that your blog is loved and appreciated.

My husband and I live on his family's ranch miles from town and I work at a casino for the excellent benefits. We have two adult boys and I support a clowder of feral cats, who after neutering and spaying, are happy and keep us rodent free. I can pet about half of them, and can pick up two and cuddle with them. I love dogs and horses, and now decided I have become a dedicated cat person. I love the outdoors, and am growing over 100 varieties of tomatoes.

Please have a wonderful day--Good Friday always gives me hope for the World.

Aliceson said...

Dear Abby:
Emily and I really enjoyed all of your Easter post cards.
Have a Wonderful Easter 🐰🐣🐇
Aliceson and Emily

Birdhouse Books said...

83 Ranch, thank you so much for your nice comment. It made my day! I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

It is wonderful about the feral cats you have rescued and taken care of! I grew up in a family of cat lovers and love cats as well.

Thanks again and have a wonderful week!


Abby said...

Aliceson and Emily, thank you so much! It always makes me happy to hear from y'all.