Friday, September 11, 2020

Dear Abby - I'm Back! Birthday and Life Update


Dear Friends,

I'm back!  I've really missed chatting with you here.  I hope you had a good summer.

I had a birthday on August 25. That is the date in 2010 that I traveled across country in an RV with other rescue dogs.  I got out of the RV and right into my Momma's arms.  It was a wonderful day for us both!  We celebrate my "gotcha day" as my birthday.  I was 1 year old in 2010 when I came to live with Momma, so I am 11 years old now.  I celebrated with Momma and one of my friends who came to visit. Some of my dear friends sent cards and surprises in the mail too.  (Thank you very much!  I really appreciate you. 💓)  I wore my little birthday hat for just a little bit and then I decided it had to come off.  Immediately!  So it did.

My other news is about my health.  Earlier this summer I wasn't feeling like myself.  I put on a little weight, was drinking a lot of water, panting sometimes at night, and (ahem!) tinkling more than usual.  I went to the vet and they ran lots of tests.  We got the news that I have Cushing's Syndrome.  This is an endocrine disorder;  my body is making too much of the hormone cortisol.  

Cushing's is treated with medicine, so I get yummy treats (with pills inside) every day.  My friend the vet is checking on how well the medicine is working through an ACTH test.  I go back in to the vet for blood work, a shot of ACTH, and after waiting an hour I give more blood.  It takes a while.  I am a very good girl at the vet but I do not enjoy this!   Thankfully I like our vet and the nice people who work at the clinic.  My pet family has been going there almost 20 years.

I am feeling well and having lots of extra time to rest and snuggle Momma.  I do appreciate any prayers and am grateful for love and good thoughts at this time as well.

I will share one more picture of me in my natural habitat.  Momma has captioned this picture "I wait here for you."  She says I am a Momma's girl.  That is true!

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you will come back on Fridays for future posts. I don't have a fall theme yet, but will at least try to say "hi" on Fridays here.


Abby xoxo


Aliceson said...

Dear Abby
You are such a special and precious girl and hope that you feel better really soon with your medicine.
Emily and I are so happy you had a good birthday 🍰.

We love you 💕
Aliceson And Emily

barbarakwrites said...

Hi Abby! Great to see that you are back & blogging again. Our dear sweet Oz had Cushings Disease. We actually see that many dachshunds in our circles have/had it. While it is a worry, our experience is that you can still have a wonderful life, full of love. We wish you the very best. Looking forward to reading your weekly posts! Pet posts are so welcome at this time of so much stress in other parts of our lives.

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I really appreciate your love and support. It means a lot. Thank you for visiting my blog today, too. I love reading comments here!

Abby xoxo

Anonymous said...

Abby, we're happy to hear you had such a nice birthday. You look very fetching in your birthday hat. Wishing you many more happy birthdays!��

Abby said...

Thank you very much! I don't mind wearing the hat VERY briefly each year. I appreciate all the good wishes too!