Friday, July 10, 2020

Dear Abby - Videos Abby Likes: Otter Love

Dear Friends,

Sorry to have been absent for a little bit. I just needed a short break. I missed talking to you though, and wanted to come back and catch up. I am intending to take a late summer break (from later July until Labor Day), like I have the past few years, so I will be taking another break in a week or two.  I'll be sure to touch base, though, and let you know.

I have a cute video for you today -- another from a friend (thanks, Uncle Dave!). I am calling it Otter Love because it is about an otter that I want to adopt. He looks so friendly and happy. I love his little paws!  Otters always remind me a little bit of dachshunds. Do you see that too?

Without further ado, here is the little otter. (This is another video that may work better on a computer rather than mobile.)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a good weekend.


Abby xoxoxo


Janet said...

Oh Abby! What a sweet video! The vocalizations are precious.

Me_Imperturbe said...

Of course Abby wants this!

Aliceson said...

Dear Abby:
The otter is so precious and thank you for sharing it’s precious.

Have a great weekend 🙏❤️🐾

Aliceson said...

Forgot to sign our names Abby it must be the heat getting to us.
Thanks for the video the otter was so cute.

Have a great weekend.

Aliceson and Emily

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I appreciate you stopping by!