Friday, February 14, 2020

Dear Abby - 12 Vintage Dachshund Valentines With a Long Theme

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends!

Today I would love to share a few special vintage Valentines with you.  They all feature dachshunds and the theme of LONG or LONGING.  My Momma says that most of these cards are 1950's to 1960's vintage.  I have 12 cards to share, so without further ado ...

A dachshund in a yellow bow says: "I long for you to be mine."

A solid black dachshund says: "Valentine I Long 4 U."

A black and white dachshund says simply "I long."  (I bet there is a continued message inside the card.)

A dachshund in a jaunty red cap and red and white sweater says: "Dog gone it! I long to see you."

This cute dachshund carries a rose in her mouth and wears a yellow blanket.  "L-O-N-G-I-N-G for a Valentine."

A dachshund in a red sweater with hearts says: "I'm longing for you Valentine."

A pretty dachshund with a blue bow on her tail says: "I've liked you a long time, Valentine!"

This sweet dachshund has a blue bow around her neck.  "Hi! For a long long time."

This dachshund has a white heart balloon and a blue collar.  "I long to be your Valentine."

A dachshund in a yellow sweater gives a bone to a pretty poodle.  "I've got a bone I'm longing to pick with you."

This dachshund wears a green bow.  "I'd go a long way for a Valentine like you!"

A Valentine in a red collar stands by some flocked pink and red hearts.  "I long for you to be mine!"

I hope you enjoyed these sweet, old timey Valentines and I hope YOU have an extra special day with the people and animals that you love.

Abby xoxoxo


Linda B said...

Awwww - so so cute, Miss Abby. ~~hugs and happy heart day to you and your sweet Mom.~~from Lady and Linda

Aliceson said...

Dear Miss Abby:
I love all of the Dachshund Valentine’s they are so cute.

Have a Happy Valentines Day to you and your Mom

Aliceson and Emily ♥️

Unknown said...

These are so clever and so cute they put a smile on my face. Happy Valentine's Day...Abby to you and your Mom...xxxooo

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! Nice to hear from fur-friends Lady and Emily too!