Friday, January 17, 2020

Dear Abby - Eleanor Powell and Buttons the Dog Dance Together

Dear Friends,

I have something fun to share with you today!  My friend Dave shared this video with me and I enjoyed it so much that I have to share with you as well.

It is a short 3 minute dance number from a classic MGM musical called Lady Be Good.  This was a movie about a man and woman, a composer and lyricist, working on their relationship as they also work on a Broadway show.  One of the stars of that show is Eleanor Powell.  She does a great dance number to the Gershwin song "Lady Be Good."  

As she tap dances along, she gets her little dog Buttons in on the act.  Buttons is a terrier mix -- I would guess Jack Russell Terrier mix based on his ears and tail.  (A reminder that I am a Dachshund - Jack Russell mix, so I am partial to Jack Russells.)   

Buttons was owned by a 14 year old child and a prop boy named Jackie Ackerman discovered his talent.  He is the person who trained Buttons for this charming routine. 

A review in The Pittsburgh Press described Buttons in this routine: “better than Fred Astaire, nimbler than George Murphy, and can look more woebegone than Buddy Ebsen."  The dance number is pretty amazing, and you'll find it here:

I hope you enjoy this little dance interlude as much as I did.

Have a great day!

Abby xoxoxo


Aliceson said...

Dear Abby:
That was a cute video I really enjoyed it that dog was a good dancer the lady was too it was so cute.
Hope you have a good weekend. It will be cold here in the 50s.

Have a great weekend
Aliceson ♥️

Janet said...

What a great video. I wish my mom could dance like that!

Imperturbe said...

Buttons should have starred in his own movies!

Riley said...

Thank you so much for sharing that. It was wonderful! Made my day!

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I enjoyed reading your nice comments.

I also wish my Momma could dance like that. And I agree, Buttons should have had his own movies!


Anonymous said...

Eleanor Powell trained 'Buttons' (Jack Russell Terrier mix) herself. This scene was shot in her own living room because it was where the dog was used to doing all the tricks…

Abby said...

Thank you - that is really neat! I loved reading more about Buttons.