Friday, November 1, 2019

Dear Abby - Otters and Pumpkins

Dear Friends,

Happy November to you!  Although it is after Halloween, I have a few special pictures including jack o' lanterns that I want to share with you.  One of my friends sent me these and I liked them so much I saved them to share with you.  They are all pictures of otters enjoying pumpkins.

I like otters!  They are shaped a lot like dachshunds and are close in size.  I think they are silly to like water so much, but I am glad it makes them happy!

This little otter reaches into a pumpkin. I wonder if he has hidden a treat inside?

An otter going trick or treating!

 Lots of otters and lots of pumpkins:

Only two pumpkins for all those otters!

My favorite -- one otter has made a little pumpkin house.

Here are a few fun facts I learned about otters:

Otters are part of the weasel family.

Some otters spend most of their time in the water, while others like both land and water.

A group of otters can be called a bevy, lodge, romp, or family.  If there is a group in the water they are called a raft.

Baby otters are called pups, kits, or kittens.

Sea otters have the thickest fur of all animals.  It keeps them warm even in very cold water.

Sea otters sometimes hold hands while sleeping in the water so they don't drift apart.

Otters eat 15% - 25% of their body weight in food every single day!  (Now why does that not work for dogs as well?!)

I hope you enjoyed these photos, and wish you a happy November!  Thanks for visiting my blog today.


Abby xoxoxo 


Aliceson said...

I love the photos of the otters that you sent today it was very interesting to read about them and I enjoyed the photos too.

Have a great weekend

Jean B. said...

Otters are awesome! I follow wildlife groups that have some sweet Otters. I will send you a video maybe you can share here.

Unknown said...

These are fun photos..I enjoyed seeing them, Abby. Thank you for posting them.

Abby said...

Thank you, friends! I really appreciate your visits. Nice to hear from more otter fans here!