Friday, September 27, 2019

Dear Abby - Videos Abby Likes: Dachshund Delivers Balloons

Hi friends,

Just a super short note today to say "hi."  My Uncle Dave sent me this super short video and I like it so much I've watched it several times.  (My Momma says it is one of the cutest dachshund videos ever.)  The little doxie does such a good job of sharing a balloon surprise.  Of course, I had to share with you!

I hope you are doing well, enjoying some fall weather (none of that here in the south, yet!).  Have a great weekend!


Abby xoxoxo


Janet said...

What a sweet balloon treat! Thanks for sharing, Abby.

Aliceson said...

Tell your Momma and Uncle Dave how cute the video is of the Dachshund sharing the balloons are.

Have a great weekend. 😘❤️

Abby said...

Thanks, friends, for visiting! I'm glad you liked this sweet video too.