Friday, September 6, 2019

Dear Abby - Now I Am 10!

Dear Friends,

It has been about six weeks since I've talked with you.  I've missed being in touch with my pals here!  It was nice having a little extra time to rest and relax though.

The big news is this:  since the last time we talked, I turned 10!  I don't feel any older, but birthdays are fun, with treats and gifts and lots of extra attention.

In this picture I'm wearing my birthday hat.  It's shaped like a cake, but my Momma reminded me several times that it is NOT a chew toy.  (Thanks to my friend Shari who sent this cute hat!  I like it.)

 Sometimes it's nice to take a break, even from celebrating.

 Of course, there is always time to look for a treat later!

During my time off from blogging I did help my Momma with bookstore work.  And I kept cool!  I love to sit in front of the fan.

 I also make sure to have time with my toys.

 And naps!  Naps are an important part of summer relaxation.

I hope YOU had a good summer, with plenty of time to rest and relax!  I look forward to visiting with you more often during fall.  I am still deciding about future posts and themes (or no theme - I am not sure!).

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for visiting my blog today!


Abby xoxoxo


Christin said...

Abby! Happy 10th Birthday! I feel like you and I have some of the same summer priorities--including naps! Also, I think it's amazing that you kept your party hat on so your mom could get cute pictures. Wow!

barbarakwrites said...

Abby, what wonderful photos! We always love seeing photos of you. Looking forward to your upcoming blogs. It is nice to read your blogs because they make us smile.

Aliceson said...

Oh Abby your Birthday hat is just Precious I know you like it.
You don’t look a day over 2.
It’s still hot here in Texas so we are still having summer.

Have a great weekend.
Love you,
Aunt Aliceson💕

Jean B. said...

Beautiful photos, Abby! It's been so hot here in Knoxville. Next week is all 90's. I take my four in several times a day for a cool naptime. You have a great weekend with Mommy!
Love you, both!
Aunt Jean

Janet said...

It’s nice to have you back! From the looks of your pictures you had a nice summer. Happy birthday!

Imperturbe said...

Very sweet!

Abby said...

Thanks, friends, for the birthday wishes and your nice comments!

Abby xoxoxo