Friday, February 15, 2019

Dear Abby - Dog Songs: Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

Dear Friends,

Continuing with my dog song series, I am going to get a little creative this week.   "Hounds of Love" by Kate Bush is our featured song this week.   This is NOT a song about dogs, although it does feature "Hounds" in the title.  I have several favorite old songs like this, though, that I would like to share with you during this series.

"Hounds of Love" was the title song from Kate Bush's 1985 album.  (It is my Momma's favorite song from the album.)  This is a song about being afraid to fall in love ... with the image of falling in love being like running from hounds. 

From my pup perspective:  this is a beautiful song, but she sings about being chased by "hounds of love" like that is a bad thing.  I bet those hounds were perfectly delightful!

I'm including the official video for this song here.  It is filmed in an old movie style, and I just learned that it was a homage to the Alfred Hitchcock movie The 39 Steps

Do you remember this song?  What did you think of the music video?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Talk to you next week!

Abby xoxoxo


Shannon said...

I don't remember this song but the music video is a lot of fun! This series is so cute!

Beth said...

The video does have a very Hitchcock feel to it. I'm sure the hounds of love would be delightful, just most dogs!

Indya | The Small Adventurer said...

This is such a fun series! Even though this song came out before my time, I do enjoy the use of the metaphor of love being a dangerous thing, like a pack of hounds. I love how much creativity can be shown through songwriting!

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I enjoyed reading your comments.

Abby xoxoxo