Monday, April 2, 2018

Book Spotlight and Giveaway - The Killing at Kaldaire House by Kate Parker

Book Synopsis
A dying man. The painting within her reach. What’s a thief to do?

Talented London milliner Emily Gates creates amazing hats for Society ladies, but to collect from those who don’t pay her bill, she burglarizes their homes. She needs every penny to send her deaf brother to school. Late one night, she sneaks in to find Lord Kaldaire badly injured in his study. Unwilling to abandon him, she calls for help.

When Kaldaire dies without revealing who attacked him, his widow agrees to keep Emily’s secrets ― if Emily will help find her husband’s killer. A bigger danger is a Scotland Yard inspector who threatens to arrest Emily — unless she spies on her father’s family of swindlers and conmen. Worst of all are the attacks from an unknown assailant. What will Emily face first, jail or death?

This cozy mystery is set in the era of My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins, of early automobiles and aeroplanes, and of King Edward VII and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you enjoyed the Victorian Bookshop Mysteries, you’ll like Emily Gates and the collection of aristocrats and thieves in her world as they step into the 20th century.

Author Bio
Kate Parker has wanted to travel to 1930s England since she read her mother’s Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers mysteries when she was a schoolgirl. After many years of studying science, she decided a time travel machine was out of the question so she found herself limited to reading about the period and visiting historic sites. Her love of this fascinating and challenging period led her to the research from which the Deadly series grew. Eventually, she found it necessary to spend several days in the British Library reading old newspapers, which meant another trip to England. Near Christmas. A sacrifice she’d gladly make every year.

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Celia Fowler said...

I love your site and appreciate your featuring The Killing at Kaldaire House on Kate's book tour. I look forward to reading this book!

Linda May said...

The book looks great, love mystery reads. Thanks for your generosity.

Anonymous said...

I very much like the context and the cover. Thanks for the opportunity.

diannekc said...

"The Killing at Kaldaire House" sounds like my kind of book. I like reading about different eras in history and this sounds like a great read.

Mayor Sonni said...

Milliner by day and burglar by night - sounds like an interesting concept.

Kate Parker, do you consider yourself to be a hat lady?

Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed to win.