Friday, July 14, 2017

Dear Abby: Meet Elsie (A Rescued Pet Spotlight)

Dear Friends,

Something very exciting happened this past week!   I met a new friend.  My dear friend Dave (whom I have known since I was one year old) adopted a new pup.  Her name is Elsie.  Dave and Elsie live just 2 miles from me, so I will get to see her often.  We have already had two play dates.  We are just getting used to spending time together, but I am sure we will be good friends!   (And I hear she will be coming over to visit for a longer time when Dave goes out of town.) 

Dave has stopped by the blog to visit today, and to introduce Elsie.  I know you will love her too.

Elsie and Abby
Abby:  What is Elsie's background and how did she end up in rescue? 

Dave: Well, she is 4 now.  Elsie is a terrier mix, according to our vet.  She is mostly rat terrier (we think), and maybe a bit of chihuahua.    She lived with another dog, but her person decided he didn't have the time for her.  She spent her time alone, and in a crate at night.  But whatever her life was like, she was obviously cared for and well trained.  She walks like a little angel on a leash, she is house trained, and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  She charms everyone she meets.

Her person finally decided he had to surrender her to Paws Atlanta.   She stayed there for two months before I met her.

Abby:  What were Elsie's first days like at her new home? 

Dave:  She walked (actually ran) inside, and all over the house downstairs and upstairs.  Elsie settled in immediately.  The bed is hers, the sofa is hers.  She loves to run around and chase her new toys.  She knew how to fetch from the start.  And when she's tired, she turns it off, and curls up with me.  She has a LOT of energy, but her manners are impeccable.

Elsie loves belly rubs!
Abby: What are a few of Elsie's favorite things?  

Dave: The toys she keeps eviscerating, and I keep taking away.

Abby:  Do you have any tips for people who want to adopt a rescue pet?

Dave: Take your time.  Look at different rescue organizations on line, see who has the kind of dog you're looking for with size, breed, age, whatever is important to you.  Go to the facility, and meet the dogs.  And remember, you will bond with the right dog.  You may meet ones first where you don't click with them, and they don't click with you.  But be patient, and remember you aren't seeing them at their best - they need some time and space to let their personalities come out.  Elsie seemed more quiet and sedate when we met.  We didn't realize she would be so outgoing.

Elsie and Dave
Abby: Is there a rescue group you want to send a shout out to?  

Dave:  Paws Atlanta, they are the best.  They are a no kill shelter with a reputation for taking wonderful care of the cats and dogs they foster.  Jasmin from PAWS helped with the adoption, and she was wonderful!

Abby:   Thank you so much, Dave, for visiting today.  This adoption story is near and dear to my heart because I know how kind you always have been to me and to my late brother Barney ... and I know what a wonderful home you have to offer to a pup.   AND I am so happy to make a new friend -- Elsie!

Friends, if you would like to leave a message for Dave, you can do so in the comments.   

Thank you so much for visiting today!

Abby xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

omg congrats, and how sweet!!!! We have been talking about getting a rescue pup. It makes me so sad to think that there are pups out there without a home :(

Beth said...

I loved reading Elsie's rescue story! There are so many wonderful adoptable adult dogs in shelters. I'm glad that Elsie's first person realized he didn't have time for her and now she is able to fully enjoy her life.

Parenting Patch said...

Elsie is an adorable little terrier mix! Two of my three dogs are rescues, and both of my cats are rescued strays. I am all about saving animals who need homes!

Neely said...

What a sweet little pup! Such a great dog and a great story! Love!

Nellie Blazina said...

These are such sweet photos of your dog. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

How exciting! Congratulations Dave!

Whitney S said...

Awww! Congrats to Dave! That's so exciting, and I'm so glad the doggie is rescue. I have two dogs that I adopted from the Humane Society.

Anonymous said...

Such a great story! I am so glad Elsie was able to find a perfect home to move into!

Unknown said...

What a cure pup. My heart has a real soft spot for rescue animals

Melanie Payne said...

Oh my gosh so cuuuute! Wow, I would love to cuddle with doggie right away. Such a great story and I'm so glad the pups got a wonderful family now!

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg what a cute furbaby!!! How exciting. Adding a new ball of fur to the family is always so much fun.

Debbie Savage said...

This is so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing! I am so happy this sweet puppy has a new home!!
xo Debbie |

Unknown said...

I absolutely love rescue pups. They're the best and always looking for those loving parents to help them. I would rescue all the dogs if I could. <3

ester said...

wow thats cool thankyou very much i love to read your blog posts refreshment plus

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

She is a beautiful dog! It was sad thought that her human had to give her up. Anyway, that is a thing of the past. The best thing is that she has now found her forever home!

Fairy Princess Jord said...

Elsie is so adorable! I love the tip about taking the time to bond with the right dog, it's important to find a dog that is right for your lifestyle.

Abby said...

Thanks, friends! I loved sharing Elsie's story because she is my new friend. I'm so glad you all liked meeting her too!

Abby xoxoxo