Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Abby - Vintage Easter Cards with Dogs

Dear Friends,

I hope you are having a good week!  It is beautiful Spring weather here and I am looking forward to Easter weekend.  I thought you might enjoy sharing some vintage Easter cards today.  They all include dogs!

A little dachshund helps a girl with the ribbon on a giant Easter egg on this vintage postcard.

A little yellow chick sits on an Easter egg and watches a dachshund on this vintage postcard.

A dachshund and a Jack Russell Terrier chase a bunny rabbit up a giant egg. (Vintage postcard)

Two cute dachshunds find some flowers.  (Vintage postard)

This is a RPPC (real photo postcard) featuring a little girl with a dog and an Easter basket.

Vintage postcard -- a dog surprises a chick!

Vintage postcard -- a dog is surprised by a chick who has just hatched.

Vintage Easter postcard - did this dog hatch from the giant Easter egg?

On this vintage postcard a dog climbs on top of two big Easter eggs.

A bulldog makes friends with a chick on this vintage postcard.

This vintage Easter card is for "daughter and her husband."  A cocker spaniel lounges in a big straw hat.

A Scottish Terrier pulls an Easter egg carriage on this vintage card.

A hound dog has a gift for the Easter Parade on this Mid-Century vintage card.

This is one of my favorites!  A sweet puppy sits outside of a cute storybook cottage on this vintage Easter card.

I hope you enjoyed these vintage Easter cards, and I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend!

Next week I will begin my new series about pet collectibles.  If you collect any pet themed items, I would love to include your pictures at the blog!  Just let me know (with your email) in the comments.  Thanks!


Abby xoxoxo


Kim said...

Great job Abby....LOVE those vintage cards with one of my favorite subjects...dogs:)

barbarakwrites said...

Abby, these are such lovely vintage Easter cards. I love sending and receiving greeting cards. What a happy Easter post! It is interesting to see how the dachshunds are pictured in older days. The breed look has really changed over the years.

Abby said...

Thanks for visiting!

Barbara, I agree with you -- the look of dachshunds has really changed over the years.