Friday, April 28, 2017

Dear Abby - Rainy Day Dachshunds

Dear Friends,

I am taking a break in my Pet Related Collections series to talk to you about rain.

I don't mind a little light rain in Spring or Summer, when it is nice and warm and just drizzling.  More than that  and I am not a fan.  We get rain on and off here during Spring and Summer, and I was looking for dog images to show my Momma that old fashioned dogs didn't care for rain either.

Instead, I found these vintage dachshund images showing rainy day doxies.  I thought you might enjoy seeing them too.

This is a vintage Calling All Girls magazine cover featuring a girl and her dachshund, inside (as they should be) watching the rain.  It is dated April 1959.

This dachshund helps a teenage girl wait in the rain.  They are both covered with newspapers.  I hope it is keeping them dry!  This Calling All Girls magazine cover is from April 1958.

Vintage illustration of a dachshund walking in the rain with a little girl.  The girl is carrying a pitcher.

Vintage postcard of a little girl cuddled up with her dachshund under a big green umbrella.

Vintage illustration of two dachshunds under an umbrella -- with a white cat playing peek-a-boo.

Vintage illustration of two dachshunds under an umbrella in the rain.

Vintage black and white postcard of a dachshund and a little girl under an umbrella.  It is a cute picture but she needs to hold the umbrella up so they both will stay dry!

This vintage postcard is from the same series -- a dachshund and a little girl walking under an umbrella.

This children's book illustration reads NOVEMBER and it depicts a dachshund walking with a little girl who wears a red coat.

In this picture, the dachshund wears a red coat and walks with a little girl in the rain.  This vintage illustration is by Maria Pia Franzoni Tomba.  She did many sweet illustrations of children, usually signed "Mariapia."

I hope you enjoyed this little rainy day excursion with me!  This is the way I enjoy rain best --  cozy and warm inside, just looking at pictures of rain.

I would like to continue with my series of Pet Theme Collections next week.  If you want to join with sharing some photos of any pet theme (or animal theme) collection, I would love to hear from you.  Please just let me know in the comments, below!  

Wishing you a wonderful weekend - lots of sunshine and no rain!


Abby xoxoxo


Adriana Renee said...

Please send some rain to me lol I live in California and it's already so hot and dry!

Scott said...

That's a cool collection of dachshund photos. Didn't realize that dogs in the rain was a thing! ;)

barbarakwrites said...

I love looking at the vintage dachshund photos you find and share with us. Our dachshund, Oz, seems to be one of the few of his breed that will go out in the rain without much fuss. In fact, it is the humans in our family who do all of the complaining!

Neely said...

Thse are so sweet and precious. I love them! So cute!

Liz Mays said...

These were some nice finds! I like the art style of a lot of the pictures. Dachshunds are just so cute.

Anonymous said...

This is the perfect collection of vintage photos. I love that you stuck with the them of dachshunds and rain, perfect little glimpse into the earlier days of art and magazines. Loved stepping back in time today!

Abby said...

Dear friends,

Thanks for visiting!

Barbara, I think Oz is very brave and bold to walk in the rain! I will do it if I must, but I try to plan my walks for sunny times only. (At least as much as possible.)

Brandy, my Momma says the same thing about vintage images - it is just like stepping back in time.

Wishing you all a good weekend!


Miles and Miles Away said...

I love rainy days, I think they are perfect and I have more inspiration to work. And I love this vintage images, I am def bookmarking this page!!!

Unknown said...

It's funny you talk about rain. It has rained so much the last few days that my yard is flooded. The girls in the rain are super darling.

Divya @ EatTeachBlog said...

These are such adorable images. I mean, you really can't get cuter than pictures of puppies! :)

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

Wow. Those magazines are so old, I mean, they were magazines even before my parents met and got married! I love the adorable illustrations of little girls and their dachshunds.

Abby said...

Dear friends,

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed reading your comments.